(Cincinnati, OH–August 16)–The Heller Reports, a QED company and leading provider of education market news and events, just announced that Thinkronize, Inc., is a finalist for the EdNET 2006 Impact Award. The Impact Award is part of the prestigious EdNET Industry Awards program that recognizes organizations that have made important contributions through their products and programs to the education industry in the past year.

Thinkronize is the developer of the netTrekker suite of safe educational search products, which is becoming an essential resource in many school districts nationwide. Nearly 8.3 million students in 14,000 schools across the country are currently using the search engine. Recently, the company released a new text-to-speech feature in netTrekker d.i., the company’s product that supports differentiated instruction. The new Read Aloud feature allows netTrekker d.i.’s 180,000 educator-selected resources to be more accessible and adaptive for special needs learners by reading highlighted text back to students with the click of a button.
The EdNET Impact Award recognizes the organization that has made the most significant impact on education through quality educational support and instructional resources. A panel of leading education industry experts selected the finalists for the EdNET 2006 Industry Awards, which is coordinated by The Heller Reports and Quality Education Data (QED). Award winners will be announced on September 19, 2006, during the EdNET Conference in Boston.

“Our goal in providing on-going coordination of the EdNET awards is to recognize the finalists as model organizations that are moving the industry forward, making a unique contribution that embodies the spirit of business in service of K-12 education,” said Michael Jay, president of Educational Systemics and program coordinator for the EdNET 2006 Industry Awards.

“We commend the EdNET Industry Award finalists for going the extra distance to inspire and support educators in their efforts to advance classroom learning, so that our nation’s students will be prepared to compete in an global economy,” said Andy Lacy, general manager of QED.

In addition, Thinkronize was also recently honored by the ComputED Gazettewith a 2006 Education Software Review Award. The EDDIE was given to netTrekker d.i. in the category of Teacher Tools: Best Educational Search Engine. The ComputED Gazetteis the sponsor of two annual software awards programs, and is published by the ComputED Learning Center, San Diego’s leading computer educator resource. The publication’s awards program targets premier and content-rich solutions and Web sites that provide educators and parents with the technology to foster educational excellence. Award selections are based on academic content, potential for broad classroom use, technical merit, subject approach and management system. The 2006 EDDIE brings Thinkronize and the netTrekker product suite its 14th award since launching in 1999.

About EdNET

The EdNET Industry Awards program was created in 1992 to champion the efforts of progressive organizations helping to revitalize the nation’s educational system. The program has become a focal point of the EdNET Conference, the education market’s premier annual networking conference produced by The Heller Reports, a Quality Education Data company. The EdNET Conference brings together education executives, school administrators, and policymakers to network and build strategic business partnerships. The EdNET 2006 Conference will be in Boston on Sept. 17-19. For more information about the EdNET Conference and awards program, visit www.QEDData.com or phone 877-435-5373, ext. 9421.

About the netTrekker Product Suite

The netTrekker product line includes award-winning educational search products for both the education (netTrekker classic and netTrekker d.i.) and consumer markets (netTrekker home). Unlike ordinary search engines, products from the netTrekker suite provide fast and easy access to only the best, pornography-free, educational resources from the entire Internet in a safe, organized, standards-aligned format. Using netTrekker search engines, educators, school librarians, students, and parents save valuable time because they are directed to relevant, reliable, educator-selected websites every time – meaning less time spent on searching and more time focused on learning. For more information about the netTrekker suite, visit www.netTrekker.com.

About Thinkronize

Thinkronize, an Internet developer of K-12 educational products, was founded in 1999 and grew out of a passion for and commitment to enhancing teaching and learning with the Internet and standards-based online resources. The company launched its flagship product, netTrekker classic, in October 2000 and has since expanded the product line to include netTrekker d.i., designed for use in schools to help educators meet individual students’ learning needs, and netTrekker home, available for purchase by parents whose district or school has not yet purchased a netTrekker subscription. Peers, educators and parents have honored Thinkronize and the netTrekker product suite 14 times for their contribution to the industry. Thinkronize currently serves nearly 8.3 million students in 48 states, including adoptions by key districts and states nationwide, making it one of the fastest-growing companies in the education industry. For more information visit www.thinkronize.com or phone 877-517-1125.

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