BUFFALO, NY. — August 21, 2006  Social media has exploded on the internet. Those using the internet for work or hobby know that there is so much information out there that it is virtually impossible to keep it all straight. Enter TrueThinker”. Organizing web sites and web research just got much easier thanks to TrueThinker”, a new tool for intelligent website organization.

TrueThinker today announced the launch of its website: www.truethinker.com as the new way to organize, save time, share links, and have one-click access to bookmarked favorites from any computer, anywhere. Add in a touch of artificial intelligence, a trainable component of TrueThinker that works in the background to organize information for users, and this new tool is unlike anything internet users have had in the past. TrueThinker’s service, is $29.95 per year or $2.99 per month (there is also a 30 day free trial for test drive.) TrueThinker is a product of AS IT IS, INC., headquartered in Buffalo, NY.

“TrueThinker was founded on the idea that users can start utilizing the experience of web searches into their personal, social and community lives,” said William Koehler, President, TrueThinker. “Many of us spend an unbelievable amount of time on the internet looking for just the right information, but then we don’t have the ability to share that information once we find it. With the artificial intelligence feature, TrueThinker allows users to Intelligize the internet. Intelligize = Intelligent Organization. Users can share their searches with other community members, and the ‘intelligent’ component of our site makes searching easier because TrueThinker’s artificial intelligence learns along with you what you find relevant and what you throw away.”

TrueThinker features two main components: My Knowledge Bank and My Communities. My Knowledge Bank is a homepage, serving as a Daily Dashboard, where users can organize, manage and view all of their links. Users can personalize the page to give them current weather, time, and RSS news feeds. My Communities is an opportunity for users to create or join groups of people with the same social interests or research topics. There, users can share the web searches they’ve done with other users. My Communities is a huge timesaver when working on large research projects, or working collaboratively because users are, in essence, creating user specific searchable compilations of links with subject specific content.

“I do hours of research every week as part of my daily job,” explained Deb O’Shea, Executive Director Atlantic Corridor and Ai3inc. Board Member. “After using TrueThinker over these past months, I’ve been able to find the sites I’ve researched much more quickly. TrueThinker knows which folders to put my sites in, and it is intuitive in how the sites are organized. Plus, I’ve shared my research with colleagues and that has proven to be an incredible collaborative tool.”

Offering cool tools like the TrueThinker toolbar (integrating right into your internet browser) and features like keeping a cached version of a link, users should experience an internet research and organization tool that marries the best features of existing products in one useful platform.

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About TrueThinker

TrueThinker” is a web-based intelligent organization system geared for those who use the internet for research for work or play. TrueThinker” allows users to take advantage of a portable organization tool that saves valuable time and effort when saving information on the internet. With two main features, My Knowledge Bank and My Communities, users are able to start weaving the TrueThinker” experience into their social fabric, personal or community based lives. TrueThinker’s ™ artificial intelligence component learns from what users find to be relevant by paying attention to what users keep and what they discard. TrueThinker” is designed to change the way people work and play on the internet. For more information or to try TrueThinker ™ for free for 30 days, visit www.truethinker.com.

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