The Maine Learning Technology Initiative was the first program of its kind to be put into motion in the world. Its goal is to provide laptop computers to every 7th and 8th grade student in the state of Maine, in order to create a 1:1 educational technology ratio. With the importance of technology in education exponentially growing, Maine felt this low ratio would improve their students’ education. “We are thrilled that the MLTI has chosen to work with SourceAid, and we know we will provide students throughout Maine with a powerful tool that will compliment the power of education through technology,” remarked Ronald Silvia, President of SourceAid.

With the increased use of technology in education, especially the Internet, is a heightened ability for students to plagiarize. If a student copies text word for word into his or her paper, he or she has plagiarized. However, if they correctly use information in the paper, and cite the source incorrectly, they have still plagiarized, and can be penalized for that. SourceAid prevents plagiarism through Citation Builder, a web based program to format citations based on information inputted by the students.
“Here in Maine we have provided professional tools to all of our MLTI teachers and students. By adding SourceAid to the MLTI image, a new professional level tool has been made available to a project that will make great use of it. It is also important to the MLTI that SourceAid cares not only about purposeful and accurate citations, but also why this is important and how a community of learners can collaboratively use this power. Maine is taking the idea of “every student college ready,” and with SourceAid as part of this image, we have a powerful new tool ubiquitously available.” Commented Jim Moulton, Staff to the MLTI.

SourceAid, LLC is an educational resource company, which provides students with resources needed to complete the research process. SourceAid was founded by its current President Ronald Silvia, and CIO/CTO Tom Fox in June of 2003. SourceAid offers two main products: web based software, Citation Builder, and in-text book, Cite It Right. SourceAid launched its first membership program for Citation Builder in December of 2003 and published Cite It Right in the fall of 2005. They have since reached tens of thousands of students and educators globally, helping to prevent plagiarism. To find out more please visit

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