BOCA RATON, Fla. (August 18, 2006)–Sometimes change can be a good thing, as Berean Christian School computer instructor Kregg Parenti recently found out. The West Palm Beach, Fla. school, which educates students from pre-school to 12th grade, formerly used NetOp School software in its computer courses as a means of PC lab management. However, the school upgraded to CrossTec SchoolVue at the start of this school year.
“We are overly pleased,” Parenti said. “Where NetOp was simply a control feature, SchoolVue acts as not only that, but as a useful educational tool.”

After an installation time of approximately one hour for his lab containing over thirty computers (Parenti notes that installing NetOp took “a lot longer”), he began familiarizing himself with SchoolVue. While he has not yet explored SchoolVue’s full array of capabilities, Parenti has identified some features that he uses in class every day. The Whiteboard allows instructors to draw or type whatever they want and deliver it, real-time, to all students’ screens. Instant messaging between students and the instructor makes asking and answering questions more convenient and faster. Another way to achieve this is to use headsets to communicate, a feature also available in NetOp that has been improved in CrossTec SchoolVue.

“The audio comes across very clear, unlike the choppy, latent audio in NetOp,” Parenti said. “There’s no more, ‘What? I can’t hear you!'”

Keeping students on task is never an issue. With one click of his mouse, Parenti can broadcast an attention screen to his students or black out all screens. Afterward, students return to exactly where they left off working. Certain Web sites, including the popular, have been restricted on classroom computers. ` An instructor can hover over a student’s icon with the mouse and see a pop-up window displaying the current application or URL the student is using.

“It’s great to have this amount of control,” Parenti said.

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