The Washington Post reports that the indictment of Andre J. Hornsby, former superintendent of Prince George’s County, Md., Public Schools, has led to second-guessing of the school board. Hornsby was indicted on Tuesday, August 22, by a federal grand jury on charges of steering school tech business to associates in exchange for kickbacks that were intended to exceed $100,000 and possibly included luxuries such as art or a yacht. Hornsby has maintained his innocence on the charges and says he will defend himself “vigorously.” However, parents are up in arms because Hornsby earned a yearly salary of $250,000 and, when driven from office because of the charges, received a severance payment of $125,000. The series of events has offered some validation to those critics who warned from the beginning that Hornsby was the wrong man to lead the Prince George’s County school system. Many of those same critics believe the school board shares in the blame because it hired Hornsby and largely supported him against the allegations until it ousted him last year. Parent Carla Jasper of Upper Marlboro had this to say about the events: ” I am wondering truly who put that man in office to begin with. … He should never have been in a leadership position with the stuff in his background in the first place.” … (Note: This site requires free registration.)