CHICAGO (August 9, 2006)–The Heller Reports, a QED company and leading provider of education market news and events, today announced Learning Enhancement Corporation (LEC), creator of BrainWare® Safari, brain training software for children ages 6-12, is a finalist for the EdNET 2006 Rookie of the Year Award. The Rookie of the Year Award is part of the prestigious EdNET Industry Awards program that recognizes organizations that have made important contributions through their products and programs to the education industry in the past year.

BrainWare Safari, a revolutionary software program, raises the bar for electronic learning tools because it develops children’s ability to process information faster and more effectively. Combining years of proven clinical experience and scientific research on the brain with a fun, online, video-game format, BrainWare Safari increases children’s learning potential.

By focusing on the barriers to learning, BrainWare Safari has helped children increase their learning ability dramatically. In home use, BrainWare Safari has helped children improve their cognitive skills, the basic mental processing skills that enable them to learn, by over 4 years on average in just 11 weeks. In a school setting, children improved their cognitive skills by 5 years 11 months on average in just 11 weeks.

“Stronger cognitive skills form the foundation for children to learn any subject matter,” said Roger Stark, LEC’s CEO. “Whether it’s reading, math, history, or science, children are better able to absorb, comprehend, remember, and apply what they learn. BrainWare Safari complements all other learninginitiatives.”

A panel of leading education industry experts selected the finalists for the EdNET 2006 Industry Awards, which are coordinated by The Heller Reports and Quality Education Data (QED), a Scholastic company and leading provider of integrated marketing services for the pre-K through higher education markets.

The EdNet Rookie of the Year Award honors the most promising start-up venture that is less than two years old and has the greatest potential to be a significant player in the education industry in the coming years.

“Our goal in providing on-going coordination of the EdNET awards is to recognize the finalists as model organizations that are moving the industry forward, making a unique contribution that embodies the spirit of business in service of K-12 education,” said Michael Jay, president of Educational Systemics.

“We commend the EdNET Industry Award finalists for going the extra distance to inspire and support educators in their efforts to advance classroom learning, so that our nation’s students will be prepared to compete in a global economy,” said Andy Lacy, general manager of QED.
Award winners will be announced on Sept. 19, 2006, during the EdNET Conference in Boston.

About EdNET

The EdNET Industry Awards program was created in 1992 to champion the efforts of progressive organizations helping to revitalize the nation’s educational system. The EdNET 2006 Conference will be in Boston on Sept. 17-19. For more information, visit

About Learning Enhancement Corporation

Learning Enhancement Corporation is a software development company that creates and distributes interactive multimedia tools designed to measurably improve an individual’s learning skills. BrainWare Safari is LEC’s first product. BrainWare Safari is available at or by calling 877-BRAIN-10 (877-272-4610).

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