The New York Times reports that in a trend resembling that of other print media, the bound textbook is gradually getting replaced by electronic versions. While the shift from print to electronic textbooks will take years, Freeload Press, a small publisher of college textbooks, is trying to leverage this flux by providing free, ad-supported, e-textbooks to students. Freeload Press currently offers 15 titles, mostly in math and business. However, this model does face certain obstacles in penetrating the higher education market. 16 years ago, Channel One was able to use a similar idea to bring ad-supported news broadcasts to classrooms in middle and high schools. In part, Channel One was able to accomplish this by securing permission from school administrators, bypassing the concerns of individual teachers. In contrast, Freeload Press faces problems because at the collegiate level, professors are by and large free to choose their own texts and course materials, leaving the acceptance of Learning Press e-textbooks at the mercy of individual professors and departments… (Note: This site requires free registration.)