Schoolhouse Technologies Inc. has released Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 3.1, a powerful, easy-to-use Windows vocabulary skills worksheet generation program. Designed for educators, the software makes it simple to create effective lesson-enhancing activities that reinforce the core curriculum, while motivating students.

With the ultimate in worksheet generation technology, the creation of lesson-enhancing support materials for students of any age can be enjoyable and a lot less work. You can quickly and effortlessly create individual or class sets of professional worksheets for such activities as crosswords, word searches, decoding and matching activities, word jumbles, word shapes, cloze and punctuation exercises, alphabetical order, and cryptograms, saving valuable preparation time and resources.

Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 3.1 employs the latest in design environment functionality. All of the important settings and design elements are at located in flexible window panes that can be adjusted to suit personal work styles. You can see exactly what your vocabulary activity will look like on the printed page as you design it, even as you change paper size, margins, or orientation. And the handy tab page view allows you to easily switch between worksheets at the click of a mouse making it easy to work on more than one vocabulary activity at a time.

Producing a worksheet with Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 3.1 is as simple as selecting a worksheet activity type and then adding a word list, sentence collection, or text file. The program then takes over and does all the work. It automatically generates a solution for the activity and lays it out on the page so you can see exactly what the printed worksheet will look like. Every worksheet generation is different. You never again have to worry about giving students a worksheet they have already completed.

Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 3.1 makes it easy to customize your puzzle to fit a lesson theme or holiday. You can modify a puzzle’s header and footer, add special instructions, or include a picture, riddle, or quotation. It’s simple to change the look of the activity by selecting your preferred font type, size, and color for the text.

To help you begin creating puzzles immediately, Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 3.1 comes with a large set of word lists and clues. You can download more pre-made word lists from the company’s web site.

The program’s strength is its ability to help you create word lists, sentence collections, or text files to support your teaching objectives. Open the appropriate Editor and simply type in your spelling list for the week, sentences from a class novel, or a vocabulary list for a particular lesson topic. The Editors even have an automatic spell checker to catch those pesky typos (US and UK English included; French, German, and Spanish available).

Whether you’re an educator with a class of 30 students, a special educator working with a variety of skill levels or a home educator, it’s simple to add fun and challenging puzzles to your core curriculum. Vocabulary Worksheet 3.1 has the tools that you need.

Vocabulary Worksheet Factory runs under Microsoft’s .Net Framework 1.1 on Windows 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP computers. A single-user license costs $59.95(US) for the downloaded version, and $69.95 for the CD version. School site licenses are available, as well as publishing licenses which permit the commercial resale or wide distribution of worksheets created with Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 3.1. You can download a 30-day free product-evaluation version of Vocabulary Worksheet 3.1 from the company’s web site. For more information contact: Schoolhouse Technologies Inc., 101 – 1001 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6H 4E4 Canada. Internet: Email:

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