Oklahoma City–August 10–The American Education Corporation (AEC)–publisher of the A+nyWhere Learning System (A+LS) curriculum courseware program–announced today that it has recently released a newly updated Biology course that encompasses all required instructional requirements for high school Biology curriculum. This course is first in a series of significant upgrades to the A+LS Science courseware for primary, middle, and high school students.

The A+nyWhere Learning System Biology course content is based on the National Science Education Standards (NSES) as well as individual state standards. Specifically addressed in the updated Biology course are the objectives tested on national and state achievement tests. As in all A+LS courseware, formative instruction consistently provides four clear steps of assessment, prescription, instruction, and reporting to create the framework to improve school results by allowing data to inform educator decisions.

Lesson Content

Each updated lesson has a study guide, test questions, and most have an essay or constructed response assignment. The lessons contain detailed illustrations to aid students in visualizing complex concepts. Test questions reflect the full range of Bloom’s Taxonomy from basic knowledge to application, analysis, and synthesis. The questions challenge the student to apply what they have learned in the study guide. The constructed response assignments require the student to utilize learned lesson knowledge toward a higher order thinking activity.

Lesson Design

The 37 updated Biology lessons are designed to meet and exceed the requirements of the National Science Education Standards, which allows this course to be considered a full Biology course. The NSES-driven updated lessons in the A+nyWhere Learning System Biology course will empower the student to evaluate, describe, summarize, define, characterize, and/or demonstrate an understanding of the following NSES standards: Science as Inquiry, Science and Technology, History and Nature of Science, Life Science, and Science in Personal and Social Perspectives.

American Education Corporation (AEC) is headquartered at 7506 N. Broadway Extension, Oklahoma City, OK 73116. Contact phone numbers are 800.222.2811 or 405.840.6031. The Company has distribution offices throughout the United States, Puerto Rico the Caribbean, and Asia. For more information, please visit www.amered.com.


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