McHenry, IL (August 28, 2006)–Follett Software Company, the country’s leading provider of integrated, browser-based applications that centralize the management of a school district’s educational resources, today announced that it has acquired TetraData Corporation. TetraData is the premier provider of data warehousing, analysis and reporting solutions for K-12 school districts. TetraData solutions, which are installed in more than 300 school districts nationwide, facilitate “No Child Left Behind” reporting as well as data driven decision making to help educators achieve high performance and improved student outcomes.

“By acquiring TetraData, we have significantly expanded our ability to help K-12 districts
maximize the effectiveness of their educational resources. Just as important, we can now play a much larger role in helping our customers ensure that each and every student achieves his or her full potential,” said Tom Schenck, president of Follett Software Company.

“Follett and TetraData are both market leaders with a shared commitment to providing
unmatched customer support and using technology to enhance the educational process. By leveraging our combined resources, we are better able to deliver leading-edge solutions that support our customers’ goals and empower education,” added Schenck.
TetraData will continue to operate under the TetraData name as a subsidiary of Follett
Software Company. Martin Brutosky, CEO of TetraData Corporation, will become Chief Operating Officer of TetraData and report to Tom Schenck, President of Follett Software Company.

About Follett

Over the past two decades, Follett Software Company has evolved from being the largest provider of K-12 library automation solutions to being the leading provider of Educational Resource Management (ERM) solutions. The company’s flagship product–Destiny Resource Management Solution” — is an integrated suite of browser-based applications that centralize management of library materials, media, textbooks and fixed and portable assets. Follett Software is a subsidiary of Follett Corporation — a $2.2 billion, privately-held company that provides products, services and solutions to the educational marketplace. Follett Corporation was founded in 1873 and has its headquarters in River Grove, Illinois.

About TetraData

TetraData is the nation’s leading provider of data warehousing, analysis and reporting
solutions for K-12 districts. TetraData’s solutions help educator achieve and sustain high
performance by facilitating data driven decision making. TetraData solutions capture, integrate and store data from administrative and educational systems and deliver comprehensive and customized data analysis and reporting. With TetraData solutions, educators can easily and accurately assess the factors that drive performance on a district level as well as an individual student level. TetraData is located in Greenville, South Carolina.

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