As part of our new E-rate Resource Center, Funds For Learning will provide E-rate applicants a free E-rate Check-Up in order to ensure you are utilizing your E-rate dollars and that critical deadlines have not been missed.

The E-rate process is a complex, bureaucratic and ever changing program with a myriad of deadlines which are all year round. According to the SLD, E-rate applicants lost a total of nearly $25 million in 2004 funding because they forgot to file their Form 486 on time. This is funding that the school or library worked to receive, but lost because of a clerical oversight after a funding commitment was made.

This can be shared with the technology, procurement and finance departments as well as your school board. To receive your free E-rate Check-Up send an E-mail to Please provide your Billed Entity Number, Name of school district or library and the state for which you reside.

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