New York, New York, August 30, 2006–H.W. Wilson today announced Jobs in America, a new work in the company’s popular Reference Shelf book series. Jobs in America explores employment from political, social, economic, demographic, technological, and global perspectives, examining such topics as “American Workers and the Health of the U.S. Economy,” “The Role of Governments in the Job Market,” “American Jobs and the Global Economy,” and “The Working World in Transition.”

Modern work issues such as the minimum wage, trends in economic well-being, outsourcing, NAFTA, immigration, trends among retirees, telecommuting, employee monitoring, and more are covered in 26 in-depth articles from leading periodicals. An appendix, “Tomorrow’s Jobs,” looks at trends in the numbers of jobs in major employment categories (courtesy of Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2006-07), and a bibliography of books, Web sites, and abstracts of articles for further reading completes the volume.

Jobs in America is the fourth title of six to be released in The Reference Shelf 2006 (Volume 78). Each book in the Reference Shelf series offers extensive exploration of a current topic of importance in modern society, in a compilation of notable articles from respected publications, plus abstracts of 20 to 30 additional articles and a bibliography of other sources. Reference Shelf volumes provide a well-rounded, unbiased overview for researchers and general readers. Volume 78 includes Global Climate Change (March 2006), New Media (April 2006), U.S. National Debate Topic 2006-2007: National Service (August 2006), Jobs in America, and the upcoming volumes Evolution and Representative American Speeches 2005-2006. Libraries that order the complete 6-volume set receive a substantial discount.

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Jobs in America

September 2006–181 pages–ISBN 0-8242-1062-X–$50 ($55 outside the U.S. & Canada)

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