By using Hotmath, students are able to obtain immediate help when they are having difficulties with their homework. Students are able to work on their homework assignments away from class (24/7) and gain confidence in their ability to succeed in math. Hotmath shows step-by-step explanations for the odd numbered homework problems from the actual textbooks. In addition, Algebra review lessons are linked from every tutorial for immediate remediation.

These explanations to the odd-numbered homework problems have been proven to help students obtain a better understanding of the material and of how to solve the remaining problems. Students can then be challenged and assessed by their teachers using the even-numbered problems in the textbooks.

Hotmath is, for the fall term, offering access to 6th and 7th grade textbook solutions and college algebra textbook solutions from such publishers as Glencoe/McGraw Hill, Prentice Hall, and McDougal Littell free of charge. This offer is available through January 2007.

According to Chuck Grant, president of Hotmath, “Every student can use help on math homework from time to time. Math is the gateway subject for graduation and successful careers. We are very pleased to show students and their teachers that there is online help available for math anxiety. As well, the site can help parents who need a refresher in solving problems as they try to help their children with homework.” For six years, Hotmath has successfully been helping students complete and comprehend their math homework. According to Janet Tedesco, a New Orleans high school math department chair, “Hotmath is a terrific homework resource, and is far more affordable for parents than most alternatives. The whole class benefits when students come to class prepared.”

The newly revised site also includes a more colorful, engaging interface along with graphing calculator support for pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry texts.

Pricing and Availability

Hotmath is available for home or school use. Individuals may purchase a yearly subscription for $49. Individuals who want short-term help may purchase a 2-month subscription for $29. School and district pricing is also available.

About Hotmath, Inc.

Founded in 2000 by math educators, Hotmath enhances student learning by helping them complete their math homework with understanding. Based on research showing that students learn better with guided help on homework, provides step-by-step help with hints for the actual odd-numbered homework problems in math textbooks. Hotmath is a full-service math help resource including such resources as graphing calculator training, review lessons, math workbooks, and math activities. For more information visit Hotmath online at


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