GoalQuest Inc. and Texas Tech University today announced the re-launch of their joint programs to boost student retention, satisfaction and success. Since the University began using FYRe™, part of the company’s student retention suite, administrators have been able to track student development in real time and remedy a range of personal and academic concerns.

Texas Tech currently employs two versions of FYRe. The first provides freshmen with a virtual companion to help them successfully transition to college by immersing them in topics such as High School vs. College, Managing Your Time, Balancing Work and Study, Getting the Most From Your Advisor, Freshman Problem Solver and Making a Major Decision. The second program targets upperclassmen to help them make the most of residence life, while offering expert-written advice on subjects such as personal finance, risk behavior and its consequences, career planning and service learning.

Both programs provide Texas Tech with powerful retention tools, including GoalQuest’s proprietary survey and assessment engine that tracks factors such as campus disengagement, dissatisfaction, academic problems and other attrition indicators. “We are very pleased with our FYRe programs,” said Sean Duggan, managing director of housing and residence life. “They have enabled us to communicate with our students at an extraordinary level. What we are most thrilled with is how they have given students more knowledge about the campus while keeping us informed of their concerns. We look forward to working with GoalQuest in the future.”

The Texas Tech programs utilize a range of popular user features, including several from the GoalQuest Universe™ suite of tools:

UPeers™  Social networking with an academic twist, the UPeers e-community lets Texas Tech students create their own public profiles, share interests, form study-groups and plan get-togethers all in an environment that safeguards privacy.

UBlog™  UBlog enables designated upperclassmen to offer advice by sharing their experiences and challenges through a turnkey blogging interface.

UScene™  UScene features a library of on- and off-campus venues, such as dining, recreation, social and cultural options. Students may rate each venue and/or provide their own reviews.

GoalQuest Heuristics™  A series of animated “experiential learning” modules and entertaining self-tests that engage students in subjects such as time management, academic honesty, writing and study skills and goal setting.

According to Peter Kraft, GoalQuest chief executive officer and co-founder, “Texas Tech has long been known for its innovative approach to student retention in the first year of college and beyond. We are delighted that the University selected GoalQuest to take its campaign to enhance student development onto the Web.”

About Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University, located in Lubbock, Texas, is a public, comprehensive research institution of higher education chartered by the State of Texas. Through an ambitious strategic planning process, Texas Tech University is transforming itself into a student-centered, scholarly-driven, community-connected and performance-based institution. Committed to teaching and the advancement of knowledge, the University provides the highest standards of excellence in education, fosters intellectual and personal development, and stimulates meaningful research and service to humankind.

About GoalQuest

GoalQuest Inc. is a New York City-based software company specializing in innovative solutions for higher education. The company’s proprietary software assists colleges and universities in maximizing recruiting, enrollment yield, retention, parent communication and advancement efforts. Its suite of products, including eCRUIT™, FYRe™, PICS™ and AlumNet™ as well as its Universe™ tools such as UPeers™ and UPortfolio™, are based on a revolutionary technology that immerses participants in highly interactive content. The tools provide clients with a full-featured reporting center and automated activity alerts that monitor the real-time interest trajectory of users. GoalQuest is a NASPA strategic partner. For additional information about GoalQuest, please visit the company’s Web site at http://www.goalquest.com or e-mail info@goalquest.com.


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