A new PBS internet and broadcast documentary, “Reading and the Brain,” looks at how advances in neuroscience are helping researchers better understand why nearly 40 percent of children have a hard time learning to read–and others don’t. “Reading and the Brain” is the eighth episode of the series “Reading Rockets: Launching Young Readers.” It offers what PBS calls “an intriguing look at exciting scientific breakthroughs that may fundamentally change the way reading problems are resolved.” The show is hosted by actor/director Henry Winkler, who reportedly struggles with dyslexia himself. “Reading and the Brain” explores how brain scientists in Washington, D.C., Houston, Chicago, Louisville, and Toronto are working to solve the puzzle of why some children struggle to read and others don’t. New research shows the answer might lie in how a child’s brain is wired from birth. PBS says the documentary offers an “age-old remedy” to get children off to a great start in reading–nursery rhymes and word games.