Macedon, NY–August 30, 2006–Magnatag® Visible Systems, the leader in Magnetic WhiteBoard and Information Display Systems for the workplace, has introduced its latest workplace solution product, the YearMaster 365-Day YearMaster Wall Calendar Planner®, a large magnetic Whiteboard system that gives you both a grand view of your year together with day-to-day details that allow for instantly-changeable long-term planning, organizing and communicating in just one glance.

Magnatag® has also launched a comprehensive series of Giant-Year 365 Day Calendar Planning Systems® in classic calendar styles and a variety of optional calendar time display formats. Those printed magnetic whiteboard kits are available in 3×4′, 4′ x 8′ and 4′ x 12′ sizes, allowing workplaces to plan, schedule and view color-coded time commitments for instant action and updating.

“Workers usually have some sort of calendar–a paper or computer version–but in most cases, they give only a one-month view, are difficult to share with their work associates and cannot be considered an effective business tool,” Wally Krapf, Magnatag’s president said. “We have designed both wall-hung and free-standing visible magnetic planning and scheduling calendars that our customers tell us are making their workplace more organized, efficient and profitable because everyone on the team can see and interact with both the short and long range plan at all times.”

The YearMaster® calendar format displays 12 month rows and 31 columns across, giving a daily line-view of each month, and includes a comprehensive supply kit with write-on tools, magnetic cardholders, cards, PC card-keying template, write-on magnets, magnet status signals in 10 colors, and printed magnetic sets. It is available in 4×6′ and 4×12′ sizes displaying from 3 to 14 events a day. More information is available at:

Customers are realizing that year-long visible calendar systems provide much more than a freebie from the bank can achieve:

*”It’s the best planning tool we’ve ever had. The format makes it easy to check the availability of rooms. We use the magnetic cardholders. They keep the board neat and we color code activities by grade,” a Waco, TX school guidance director said of the YearMaster calendar system.

*”We have all the tools for project planning but the board is much better at showing the big picture. Now we can see where the restraints are and deal with them accordingly,” said Joanna Deyer, Project Manager at Arvato Services IT services company in Valencia, CA, of the Giant-Year board.

*”Laying out the days of the month as a timeline makes it much easier to plan our work schedule,’ said John Green, director of maintenance for Donaldson Co., a 250-employee auto parts manufacturer in Iowa.

For more information on the Giant-Year boards, go to:

Magnatag has also introduced the Month-to-Month Modular Track Calendars®, a versatile planning calendar system that contains three monthly boards that can be lifted out of the frame and used portably. The months can also be placed in any spot in the frame, giving the user a “rolling” three-month view of important upcoming dates, tasks, results and schedules. Optional magnetic cardholders and card colors give you up to 50 color combination codes for instant visual group identification of similar events, tasks, assignments, facilities, etc. plus magnet symbols in 10 colors to show the status of planned events. See these items at

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Magnatag Visible Systems is a leading manufacturer and direct provider of industrial-quality magnetic whiteboards and organizational tools for the workplace. For 39 years, Magnatag has designed, patented and directly distributed millions of industry- and task-specific visible display kits and products. With over 2,300 kits to help plan, track, schedule and display information, Magnatag enables customers across all industries to better communicate and organize workplace activities.

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