NetOp Tech Inc. Launches NetOp School 5.0 in the United States

Chicago–September 6 2006 — NetOp Tech Inc., a fully owned subsidiary of Danish software developer Danware A/S launched today in the United States, NetOp School 5.0 its latest software package for teaching in network-based classrooms. NetOp School 5.0. improves teachers’ ability to keep the students on track and to conduct comprehensive and relevant tests.

NetOp School enables the teacher to monitor the individual student’s activities and to broadcast the teacher’s or the student’s screen image on all computers in the classroom–simultaneously. If a student uses programs or internet pages other than those relevant for the lesson, the teacher can immediately close, hide or deny access to the program or pages in question.

“User-friendly NetOp School 5.0 is designed to give teachers the tools they need–from preparation to evaluation–to improve the ability of students to learn in a network-based classroom,” said Tom Bass, marketing manager for NetOp Tech Inc. “This software is equally valuable in a school classroom or a corporate training facility.

NetOp School was designed and developed in close collaboration with professional teachers, and the installation takes just a few minutes. The program requires no extra hardware.

NetOp School is an excellent cross platform, cross grade level, security, demonstration, testing program according to 28-year teaching veteran, Paul J. Abramson, a technology education teacher at Blair Middle School in Norfolk, Virginia.

“NetOp School is the only program I would suggest for any teacher who has more then one computer in their room or lab,” said Abramson. “I have used it for approximately eight years. It allows me to manage, control and teach over my network without any fear of students not staying on task. If you need a program that secures your computers and allows for full use of their potential as teaching tools, then NetOp is your answer.”

Advanced test center makes managing tests easier than ever

The improved test center feature in NetOp School 5.0 allows the teacher to customize tests in an easy and user-friendly manner so they match the curriculum being taught.

“The test center provides teachers with many opportunities to manage advanced testing of student performance.” said Bass. “Teachers can choose among 10 different types of questions and determine, among other things, the weight of the individual test questions in relation to the total result. Specific questions can also be given a negative score if the answers are wrong or if the student doesn’t provide an answer,”

Danware has designed NetOp School 5.0 to optimally benefit both teachers and students. Students can easily switch from one teaching session to another and audio and video images can be transferred between monitors.

Today NetOp School is used in more than 80 countries worldwide, and the program is the preferred teaching tool in several major educational institutions and private companies.

The program functions on both LAN and WAN networks. In addition, NetOp School 5.0 supports 802.11 g wireless networks, all current Windows operating systems, and it takes up less than 15 MB of disk space.

About NetOp Tech Inc.

NetOp Tech, Inc. is the U.S. subsidiary of Danware, a Danish based software company. Danware’s core business is to develop and market, through a certified channel of NetOp Partners, software products based on the NetOp core technology–a technology enabling swift, secure and seamless transfer of screens, sound and data between two or more products.

About Danware A/S

Danware A/S develops and markets software products based on the NetOp technology which provides opportunities for fast, secure and stable transfer of screen images, audio and data between two or more computers.

Danware has three business segments: NetOp Remote Control, NetOp School and Security. NetOp Remote Control enables remote control of one or more computers, whereas NetOp School is used for computer-based class teaching. Security comprises Danware’s NetOp Netfilter and NetOp Desktop Firewall, which is a distributed firewall for monitoring of processes and communication on computers.

Danware products are sold in more than 80 countries worldwide, and in 2005 the turnover was about DKK 91.3m. Danware is listed in Copenhagen and forms parts of the SmallCap+ index.


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