The school is located at 960 Prospect Place in Brooklyn, New York (corner of Brooklyn Avenue). In addition to its role as curriculum adviser, Polytechnic University will also provide professional mentors for the students, academic technological content and guest lecturers discussing cutting-edge research and development in science, engineering and management.

“It is exciting for Polytechnic University to embrace this new school and encourage young women to develop their leadership skills,” said Noel Kriftcher, executive director of Polytechnic’s Packard Center for Technology and Educational Alliances and a former superintendent of high schools in New York City. “Although girls have traditionally been underrepresented in science and mathematics studies and careers, these students will be encouraged to participate in scientific activities and be given every opportunity to become technologically literate.”

Founded in 1854, Polytechnic University is one of the nation’s oldest private engineering universities and the New York metropolitan area’s preeminent resource for science and technology education and research.

“We are pleased to have Polytechnic University’s support and expertise as we move forward with this to educate young women in the math, science and engineering subject areas,” commented Kelly DeMonaco, the Institute’s principal.

Over the past nine years, the Urban Assembly has opened fourteen schools with the help of the Department of Education in areas covering design and construction, music and art, law, government and business. With the help of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Urban Assembly will open six more. By combining a rigorous course of study with authentic learning experiences and interaction with outside partners, the schools offer students an academic experience that is challenging and relevant. This unique approach has consistently resulted in student success.

About Polytechnic University

Polytechnic University, the nation’s second oldest private engineering university, was founded in 1854 in Brooklyn, New York. Today, it is the New York metropolitan area’s preeminent resource in science and technology education and research. Poly’s Packard Center, founded in 1996, provides faculty development programs for teachers and coordinates science competitions and engineering design activities for middle and high school students. For more information visit:

About Urban Assembly

The Urban Assembly is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating small, public, college-preparatory high schools that provide high quality education to students who would otherwise attend large, factory style, under-performing schools.

About Department of Education

The New York City Department of Education is the largest public school district in the country with 1,450 schools, 80,000 teachers and 1.1 million students.


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