Expanding from the original projection order to equip 500 Screens, the partnership between DPI and UFO Moviez continues to strengthen and grow. The success story of UFO Moviez is unprecedented, and today, their deployment of D-cinema systems in India remains unrivalled. The cinema rollout has been so successful that UFO Moviez is expanding their model into new international markets with a number of very exciting projects starting up outside of their home country.

During the last 12 months while the first 500 systems were being deployed, the joint learning experience has been rapid and extensive, and has covered every aspect of this exciting new entertainment medium. UFO Moviez has redesigned the Indian Cinema experience, and their efforts have been supported and assisted throughout the process by DPI. Application understanding, system reliability, outstanding hardware and collaborative partnership have all been at the core of the network’s expansion but ultimately it is the audience that dictates whether the digital revolution is a success. After more than 100,000 shows, 100% delivered by satellite, the audience reaction has been unanimously positive thus propelling this second stage of investment.

UFO Moviez CEO and Executive Director Sanjay Gaikwad says, ” Morpheus is an advanced projector designed with India in mind and we expect it to be at the forefront of our digital cinema project in India and the world over. We are looking at extensively deploying the Morpheus projectors all over the world. Our partnership with DPI has been a mutually rewarding relationship and this new projector is an indication of DPI’s commitment to the India market,” Gaikwad added. “With more than 360 digital cinema installations, we are currently standing at a very exciting stage in the Indian cinema industry and this new technological marvel will drive the digital cinema market to greater heights.”

DPI’s International Sales and Marketing director, Nick Cottiss, says “Over the last year, we have had daily feedback from our local distributor – Image Engineering, the Indian audiences, and from our extensive training programs conducted country-wide. This feedback has given us a very good idea of what is required for success and has helped us to further refine the products to fully support the business model. The result of this collaboration is a custom built and designed projector, 100% geared for UFO Moviez and the requirements of the market. Specifically, this experience gave rise to the new Morpheus 7000 HDi projector. This new DLP projector has been very well received locally, and has exceeded all expectations in blind viewings. Digital Projection has very high aspirations for this unit both in India and other countries world-wide.”

UFO Moviez and DPI together are committed to remain at the forefront of the digital cinema rollout. The solution is well proven, the business model and partnership works, and all these aspects in combination will create further global success.


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