St. Louis, MO–September 1, 2006–Education Technology Partners, in conjunction with Suntex International (creators of the 24® Game and the First In Math® Online Program), will award 100 First In Math classroom kits–valued at over $28,000–to schools throughout the state of Iowa. Any accredited school in the state may apply to receive one First In Math classroom kit, and will be eligible to compete in the statewide math competition with other Iowa schools. Each kit (value $288 each) will accommodate a “team” of up to 36 students.

Based on the popular 24 Game in use in over 500,000 classrooms throughout the United States and abroad, the First In Math program has been proven in a scientific-based study conducted by WestEd, the nation’s leading educational laboratory, to boost math scores on standardized tests and change attitudes about math to the positive.

Students from first grade through high school can play the 24 Game individually online or as part of a team “competing” against other teams in their class, school, district or state. More than just a fun activity, First In Math offers substantive content that supports any core curriculum. Eight Skill Set® groups offer a full range of challenge and tie into national and state standards. Repeated game play improves mathematical understanding, increases computational fluency, and encourages the use of critical thinking skills.

Students progress at their own pace, earning electronic “award stickers” for each level completed and a record is kept of individual member and team progress. When teachers log on they can track progress through Assessment Reports. Games can be played on any computer with Internet access–including at home–to involve parents and family. Students will advance at different rates according to their individual skill levels, but ALL players should experience improvement in numerical fluency, and increased speed. Studies show that students who play the 24 Game on a regular basis see measurable improvement in math skills.

“We are pleased to extend this offer to students, educators and administrators across the state of Iowa,” said Randy Jennings, founder and CEO of Education Technology Partners. “First in Math’s “team” approach is a great way to get children excited about math, and the competitive element should inject some real fun into Iowa classrooms.”

In addition to the 100 First In Math classroom kits that will be given away, the top team in the state of Iowa will be awarded $500 at a special award ceremony to be held in April 2007. The top individual student in the state will receive an Apple iPod® Shuffle.

Applications can be requested by calling Tony Morrow at [515] 978-5634 or completed online at


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