On September 16 you’ll be able to view Windows tutorials in either QuickTime or Flash. You can choose the program you prefer to use when viewing Atomic Learning’s tutorial movies. Later this fall, all tutorials will be viewable in either Flash or QuickTime!

Atomic Learning’s New Look

Bright, new colors, enhanced features, and even better organization& when you log on to Atomic Learning September 16, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what we’ve been up to this summer!

* A new design that allows for less scrolling, easier navigation, and an updated look.

* Macintosh and Windows tutorial series have been merged into one comprehensive index. Sort tutorial series by application title, by publisher, or by platform.

* The Curriculum Tools link is now called Resources. Click on this link to find Lesson Accelerators, Workshops, and more.

* New tutorial series including: Inspiration 8, MediaBlender 3, OpenOffice.org 2, and more!

* New Lesson Accelerators such as Egypt A-Z (KidPix 4), Little Books (Word), Vocab Review (Inspiration 8), and more!

More enhancements will be coming in November–so stay tuned!


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