INDIANAPOLIS (September 7, 2006)–Indianapolis-based DyKnow Technologies has been invited to join the Hurricane Education Leadership Project (HELP Team) to contribute to the reconstruction of the educational infrastructure in hurricane damaged regions of the United States. As a member of the HELP Team, DyKnow is pleased to announce it will award grants to schools in the Gulf Coast as they rebuild or establish their educational technology platforms.

The HELP Team is a consortium of businesses, associations and non-profit entities established in late 2005 following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The HELP Team is focused on rebuilding or renewing learning environments for the 21st Century by providing support, strategic guidance and vision for K-12 schools, school systems, educators and education leaders (including elected officials) impacted by recent hurricanes on the Gulf Coast. The HELP Team will assist in the development and facilitation necessary to implement a 21st Century learning model that can be easily replicated by other states and countries. DyKnow is joining other companies such as Intel, Gateway and Microsoft, as well as a variety of charitable organizations, including the Tiger Woods Foundation, in this important endeavor.

“We are honored to be part of such a noble effort to rebuild the educational infrastructure in these devastated regions,” said DyKnow President Laura Small. “We believe this initiative will have a profound impact on education in the Gulf Coast and are excited to offer grant opportunities to encourage and stimulate that revitalization.”

DyKnow is awarding grants to schools in the Gulf Coast region to facilitate the acquisition of DyKnow software for schools who qualify. The application process is simple and details can be found on the DyKnow website at or by emailing

The HELP Team, along with DyKnow’s assistance, hopes to enable Gulf Coast schools to build a 21st Century learning environment. DyKnow is proud to include its software as one of the 21st Century tools offered through the HELP Team. DyKnow software fosters collaborative classroom interaction through the use of computers and focuses student activity, improving their learning experience.

For more information about DyKnow software, visit or call (888) 839-5669. More information about The HELP Team can be found at or (916) 356-5439.

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A leader in interactive education, DyKnow combines sound teaching with intuitive technology to create flexible, scalable and secure software for teaching and learning. Teachers can use the DyKnow software solution to eliminate electronic distraction while fostering interaction through collaborative note taking, student response tools, content replay, and anywhere, anytime access. Learn more by visiting For media inquiries, contact Ginger Kadlec, Vice President, Operations at DyKnow at (317) 275-5894.


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