Amsterdam, Netherlands-September 07, 2006 — InterVideo®, Inc. (NASDAQ: IVII) a leading provider of multimedia technologies to handheld device OEMs and ODMs, announced today a partnership with Samsung to demonstrate live DVB-H on the TI DM320 platform with the Samsung S5M8600 (RF) & S3C4F10 (Channel) DVB-H receiver chip sets at IBC 2006. InterVideo’s reference design for mobile digital TV will also be highlighted.

“InterVideo maintains a good and steady partnership with Samsung in the development of DVB-H TV solutions,” said Chinn Chin, InterVideo Vice President of Engineering, “At IBC 2006, we are proud to demonstrate the latest advance in our DVB-H TV solution on TI DM320 and TI OMAP2430 platforms with Samsung’s S5M8600 RF tuner and S3C4F10 DVB-H channel demodulator. Industrial partners and customers will witness a complete ESG (Electronic Service Guide) solution with IBC live broadcasting.”

“Samsung is pleased to collaborate with InterVideo in developing advanced DVB-H solutions,” said Dr. Dojun Rhee, Vice President of Samsung Electronics’ System LSI Division, “We believe that digital TV on mobile applications meets the current trend of TV on-the-go lifestyle. We expect that the partnership with InterVideo, will provide timely support to our customers in response to the rapid shift to mobilization.”

Compatible with the Digital Video Broadcasting Handheld standard (DVB-H), InterVideo’s DVB-H TV solution supports the reception and playback of audio-video bitstreams and Electronic Service Guide (ESG) data to a standards-based device. Technologies in InterVideo’s DVB-H Solution include:

— ESG parser to parse all the required XML fragments as defined in the standard with appropriate error checking and dropping of excess data. ESG handling to handle ESG bootstrap and service discovery.

— SI/PSI table parser to help terminals locate the IP services within the DVB-H multiplex

— MPEG 4 H.264 video decoder for delivering video on mobile devices

— HE AACS v2 decoder for delivering audio on mobile devices

— File Delivery to deal with ESG programming information such as services and programs, signaling/bootstrapping information (SDP) files

— Flute Support for File Delivery over Uni-directional Transport protocol for packaging and transport of files of arbitrary format and size.

— Buffer management

In addition to the live DVB-H demo, InterVideo’s Reference Design will also be highlighted. InterVideo’s Reference Design is a complete mobile DTV solution that combines a flexible package of software with a complete, integrated and tested hardware schema. It is ready for delivery to ODM and OEM customers who want to make Mobile DTV handset devices. With InterVideo’s flexible iMobi software package and unique hardware design, multiple formats of digital TV including DVB-H, 1-Seg DTV ,T-DMB and DVB-T are supported allowing a short development cycle and extensibility in the future.

About InterVideo, Inc.

InterVideo is a leading provider of integrated digital and high-definition multimedia and audio/video content solutions in the PC, CE and wireless industries. The company’s broad suite of integrated multimedia software products are designed to enhance the consumer’s entertainment experience, whether the content is delivered to a home system, HDTV set, wireless system, mobile or personal multimedia device. InterVideo’s unique iMobi” multimedia codec technologies are widely used by Smartphones, GPS units and portable entertainment device OEMs and ODMs to enhance music and video enjoyment&anyplace, anytime. The firm’s worldwide headquarters is at 46430 Fremont Blvd, Fremont, CA, 510-651-0888, InterVideo also has major offices in Taiwan, Japan, Mainland China and around the globe. For more information, visit


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