STATE COLLEGE, Pa — September 7, 2006 — Optical Image Technology, Inc. (OIT), creators of the award-winning DocFinity® suite of document management and workflow software, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Unitrends. Unitrends has a revolutionary approach to making IT disasters of all types insignificant events at small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) in terms of system recovery.

South Carolina-based Unitrends is a pioneer in business systems continuity, and is the developer of recovery systems with their Rapid Recovery System line of integrated disaster recovery appliances. In the event of a hardware failure, natural or man-made disaster, the Rapid Recovery System provides a more comprehensive approach, enabling companies to regain access to the information they need to stay in business in a fraction of the time required by more traditional solutions. The OIT-Unitrends partnership offers businesses a comprehensive electronic document management solution with a trusted disaster recovery system that integrates with and protects not only their documents, email, faxes, voice files, and x-rays but their backend systems as well.

“Unitrends’ history of providing solid systems protection is a natural partnership for Optical Image Technology. The technology of Unitrends will help our customers protect the backbone of their businesses,” asserts Jim Thumma, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of OIT. “Unitrends’ technology brings the whole system–from data and system recovery to application recovery spanning multiple operating systems–back to life after a disaster.”

As we mark the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, disaster recovery continues to be a hot topic. Only 38 percent of small businesses (only two of five) in this country have incorporated an emergency preparedness system, as noted in a recent study by the National Federation of Independent Businesses. “OIT has succeeded by being customer-centric and attentive towards time-sensitive trends such as disaster recovery. By partnering with companies that provide significant industry products such as Unitrends and their Rapid Recovery appliances, we can help to protect our customers,” states Thumma.

According to Steve Hammond , Senior Vice President of Business Development at Unitrends, “OIT and Unitrends serve many of the same vertical markets–from healthcare and insurance to education and government. DocFinity software enables companies to store, manage, and retrieve their valuable business documents while Unitrends’ line of Rapid Recovery Appliances protects the overall business. We have aligned ourselves at a time when comprehensive disaster recovery solutions are a real need for many mid-market companies.”

About Optical Image Technology, Inc. Since 1986, OIT has been developing award-winning integrated document management solutions. OIT’s DocFinity Suite of document management software has gained prominent industry recognition by organizations such as AIIM International, Doculabs, IMERGE Consulting, Kinetic Information and Transform Magazine.

OIT serves customers throughout the world and across all major industries, including insurance, education, financial services, government, healthcare and more. By dynamically coordinating and managing the transfer of content with its document management software, the DocFinity suite of products, OIT enables organizations to realize increased profitability, improved productivity and enhanced customer satisfaction by empowering them with enterprise-wide business processes. For more information, please visit

About Unitrends

Unitrends is the industry leader in Business Systems Continuity, and a pioneer in the protection of corporate-critical data. Unitrends’ full line of integrated appliances provides powerful disaster recovery capabilities to small and mid-sized enterprises worldwide, helping them rapidly recover the operating systems, applications and information that keep them in business when those systems inevitably fail. More information on Unitrends is available from the company’s website,, or by calling 803.454.0300.


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