The New York Times reports that because college students are famous for their transient ways, they rarely have a permanent address for publishers to send subscription solicitations to. Now, some publishers are settling for an eMail address instead. A new initiative slated to begin this month will give away thousands of magazines subscriptions to college students, the only catch is they will be delivered in electronic, as opposed to print form. The Magazine Publishers of America is hoping the initiative will spur more interest in magazines among the college set, and introduce them to a digital medium that might stand up to print. Each recipient will be notified that they received their issue via eMail. Each eMail will then contain a link to the digital edition, which is an exact replica of the print version. In addition to trying to reach a new audience that is more accustomed to digital than print media, magazine publishers are also using this as an experiment to test the overall viability of digital magazine delivery… (Note: This site requires free registration.)