(Sonoma County, California)–Find the Fun Productions and Howard Egger-Bovet have just released Bundle of Compromises on DVD–their most innovative American history for kids production to date. This production is a quantum leap forward not only for Find the Fun Productions, but also for the educational media market where there is a lack of productions that effectively teach kids U.S. history.

“Bundle of Compromises is our latest and most ambitious production to date and represents our most interactive and innovative production,” states Howard Egger-Bovet, producer and president of Find the Fun Productions. “Too often, teachers and families have little to choose from in terms of educational materials that effectively speak to the 8-13 age group, and our mission is to change that.”

In order to fill this critical need, Howard Egger-Bovet has written and produced Bundle of Compromises, a fast paced exciting production with clever and humorous theatrical vignettes, original music, drama, puppetry, and interactive critical thinking questions designed to teach kids about the importance of laws, the Magna Carta, and our Founding Fathers’ struggle to develop the U.S. Constitution. In addition, Find the Fun Productions has partnered with six-time Emmy winner Images in Motion Media Inc. to include state-of -the-art puppetry and animation. “We also integrate history with math, language arts, and geography while showing kids how historical events of the past relate to their everyday lives,” states Mr. Egger- Bovet.

According to middle school teacher Kathy Eschelman, “At last, a student-engaging curriculum that skillfully brings together a variety of instructional techniques to meet the diverse population in the classroom. Bundle of Compromises not only addresses topics such as the Great Awakening, the Revolutionary War, and the Convention of 1787, it also promotes an intensely personal experience with history that can open the doors to self knowledge and growth. This is history for kids with a personal connection.”

Howard Egger-Bovet has emerged as the leading producer of American history media for kids. His experiences as a notable children’s American history book author, radio personality, classroom teacher, theatrical performer, and musician have taught him that we must first reach children if we are to teach them about America’s past. His previous productions for children include The Civil War: American Against American and American Colonies /American Revolution.


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