(Fall 2006 VON) Boston, MA, Cary, NC and Ottawa, Ontario, September 12, 2006–Mitel® and Bandwidth.com today announced an agreement that bundles the native SIP capabilities of the Mitel 3300 IP Communications Platform (ICP) with Bandwidth.com’s nationwide SIP Trunking services. Existing and new 3300 ICP customers that sign up to Bandwidth.com’s SIP Trunking voice over IP (VoIP) service bypass costly traditional circuits and extend the capabilities of their own IP network beyond the enterprise with a single, secure, reliable connection to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

“This agreement highlights the benefits of using IP technology to help businesses compete better,” said Mitel’s president and chief operating officer Paul Butcher. ” For the enterprise this means that they no longer need either the local PSTN gateway or costly PRI/BRI’s as the local IP-PBX can be connected to Bandwidth.com’s PSTN gateways over the Internet. ”

Bandwidth.com’s SIP Trunking product eliminates the need for additional hardware to convert TDM traffic to VoIP, providing a simple end-to-end SIP VoIP connection to the company’s network of carrier gateways. This product is unique in that it allows a business to oversubscribe each VoIP trunk; this enables any company to purchase trunks only for the number of concurrent calls they support, rather than buying one for each individual employee.

Mitel enables users to fully leverage the power and feature functionality of the 3300 ICP through generic SIP endpoints and innovative use of existing hunt group and HotDesking functionality. The 3300 ICP interconnects with soft-switch vendors that represent more than 90 percent of the soft-switch market as well as offering support for SIP endpoints and applications.

“Through our partnership with Mitel we are uniquely positioned to help any business maximize their existing IP PBX and experience the cost savings and enhanced features offered by a business-class VoIP solution,” said Henry Kaestner, CEO of Bandwidth.com. “Our SIP Trunking product combined with Mitel’s 3300 ICP is a great option for businesses looking to bypass traditional circuits and implement a reliable and scalable voice and data solution.”

IP Trunking simplifies the customer’s network infrastructure by converging all local, long distance, private voice and data traffic onto a resilient IP/MPLS backbone–allowing traffic to flow both inside and outside of the enterprise. The service replaces ISDN PRI (Primary Rate Interface) facilities without compromising business-critical features or network reliability that businesses depend upon.

For more information on this bundled solution, please visit http://www.bandwidth.com/mitel or call 888-648-3574

About Bandwidth.com

Founded in 1999, Bandwidth is a complete nationwide communications provider offering businesses advanced Internet, VoIP, network and wireless services. As a single source provider for businesses telecom needs, Bandwidth provides its customers with unparalleled selection, savings and service. The company’s unique methodology, experienced team and dedicated customer service, ensures accountability and service superior to that of traditional Internet and VoIP providers. Bandwidth.com has been recognized by Inc Magazine as one of the fastest growing telecommunications companies, ranking 16th in the 2006 Inc 500 list. In addition the Triangle Business Journal has recognized the company as of the Best Places to work in North Carolina’s Research Triangle. For more information, visit http://www.bandwidth.com.

About Mitel

Mitel is a leading provider of integrated communications solutions and services for business customers. Mitel’s voice-centric IP-based communications solutions consist of a combination of telephony hardware and software that integrate voice, video and data communications with business applications and processes. These solutions enable our customers to realize significant cost benefits and to conduct their business more efficiently and effectively by enabling enhanced communications, information sharing and collaboration within a business and with customers, partners and suppliers. Mitel is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, with offices, partners and resellers worldwide. For more information please visit www.mitel.com.


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