CHICAGO, IL (September 12, 2006) New Dimension Media, a Questar company, announced the hiring of educator and author Dr. Bill Morgan, Ph.D. as Instructional Technology Specialist for CCC! Video on Demand.

Dr. Morgan will head up sales in the Midwest, and work with teachers to integrate CCC! with their curriculum. “Without teacher training,” he said, “technology too often is under-utilized. I look forward to working with teachers and educators to maximize CCC!’s potential as an invaluable visual learning resource.”

Previously, Dr. Morgan was Regional Manager for Virtual Ink Corp, responsible for all educational activity and training in a five-state region. He has also been involved in extensive education research and field evaluation for such organizations as the Illinois State Board of Education, North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL) and Utah State University.

Dr. Morgan wrote theteacher manual, “Pre-Keys: Computer Activities for Early Childhood Educators.” He co-wrote songs that reinforce correct keyboarding techniques with Karen, his wife of 25 years. Their daughter, Lytal, is a high school senior.

“To a former teacher, Morgan said, “video on demand technology is exciting. It has the potential to transform the ways that today’s students learn and teachers teach. These are 21st century skills for lifelong learning.”

Available in October, 2006, CCC!’s newly updated system is the only one on the market that integrates with iTunes, allowing students to watch CCC!’s award winning K-12 content on their iPods. CCC! will also be able to host and broadcast live webcasts of classroom sessions, school sporting events, cultural performances, and professional development that can be watched as they happen or stored for playback.

About New Dimension Media

New Dimension Media (NDM), founded in 1979, is recognized as one of the leading providers of educational video content to K-12 schools and public libraries for more than a quarter of a century. NDM has garnered more than 100 major awards for its original educational programming. Its programs are available on VHS, DVD and digitally on CCC! Video on Demand.


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