STATE COLLEGE, Pa–September 13, 2006–Optical Image Technology, Inc. (OIT) has released the upgrade of DocFinity PowerIndexing. This greatly enhances the value of the core product within the DocFinity suite of document management software, and provides customers with significant gains in performance and functionality. It is designed to use data auto-population, validation and integration to facilitate the manual indexing of PDF, Word, Excel and image files as quickly and efficiently as possible for storage and subsequent retrieval.

The release of Version focuses attention on performance improvement and Windows® integration. Windows® authentication allows administrators to provide strong system security without requiring end users to memorize additional passwords or enter more logins. Integration with Windows® “Send To” functionality allows users to open documents or directories of documents directly in PowerIndexing for automatic import into the DocFinity system.

A typical organization must manage dozens or hundreds of types of documents and each type has particular indexing information which is used to search for it. DocFinity PowerIndexing handles this situation with ease. A PowerIndexing scheme is set up for each document type and users can switch between these schemes on the fly’ so that they know what information needs to be gathered for each document and how to enter that information in the most efficient manner possible.

“Many improvements have been made to the functionality and performance. This is the strongest, most versatile release of PowerIndexing this company has ever had,” said Jerry Cannie, Vice President of Technology.

About Optical Image Technology, Inc. Since 1986, OIT has been developing award-winning integrated document management solutions. OIT’s DocFinity Suite of document management software has gained prominent industry recognition by organizations such as AIIM International, Doculabs, IMERGE Consulting, Kinetic Information and Transform Magazine.

OIT serves customer throughout the world and across all major industries including insurance, education, financial services, government, healthcare and more. By dynamically coordinating and managing the transfer of content with its document management software, the DocFinity suite of products, OIT enables organizations to realize increased profitability, improved productivity and enhance customer satisfaction by empowering them with enterprise-wide business processes.


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