September 13, 2006 – Volo, Illinois – Don Johnston and his outstanding Start-to-Finish Publishing team visited NASA/Caltech-Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California this year to celebrate the release of two new Start-to-Finish Core Content books detailing the Mars Exploration Rover Science Mission.

The Start-to-Finish books are written to support readers of all abilities using a “proprietary editing process” that produces text to remove reading barriers. The books document the journey of Spirit and Opportunity; two rovers currently exploring Mars. The stories bring to life the amazing accomplishments of the researchers and scientists who make the mission possible. In cooperation with NASA/Caltech-Jet Propulsion Laboratory, “Robot Explorers on Mars” and “The Search for Life on Mars” are the first of a complete series of science-related books that Don Johnston will create for students in the diverse classroom.

“NASA is the leading expert in earth and space science,” said Don Johnston, science enthusiast and founder of Don Johnston Incorporated. Mr. Johnston is a life-long advocate of scientific exploration and of making the sciences accessible to all students. “Start-to-Finish books will grab the attention of students who have difficulty in reading comprehension,” shared Mr. Johnston. “Once we have them hooked, we encourage them to keep reading, keep wondering and be inspired to become a new generation of young scientists.”

The Don Johnston team met with top researchers and scientists to discuss future development ideas for new books on the topics of atmospheric, oceanic, earth and space sciences, while renewing their dedication to the mission of science education outreach. Both organizations are committed to energizing science learning in the classroom and to finding new ways to integrate science into the language arts curriculum. Everyone showed great pride in the final outcome of the Start-to-Finish Core Content project. Mr. Johnston shared, “We are honored to work with the researchers and scientists at NASA/Caltech-JPL to publish these books with validated findings of their incredible space mission. Start-to-Finish books have inspired thousands of students to become successful readers and writers and to learn more about their surroundings in core subject areas.”

About Don Johnston and Start-to-Finish Publishing

Don Johnston and company celebrated 25 years of service to educators and students and continue to design educational tools based on proven cognitive learning theories to help students who think and learn differently become successful readers, writers and independent thinkers. The Start-to-Finish Publishing team includes expert authors and editors who specialize in strategically writing text that uses precise language to carefully introduce topic-specific vocabulary while building and activating a student’s background knowledge. The books offer supports to practice fluent reading and to enhance reading comprehension. Text is offered in multiple representations such as paperback, audio and computer book versions so students can access the written information in a way that best fits their learning style. Additional representations offer multi-sensory support to go beyond the text, such as professional narration, sentence highlighting and videos to build mental models. Visit or call 1-877-795-8800 to learn more about these award-winning products for diverse learners.


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