OAK BROOK, Ill., September 15, 2006–More than 30 years ago in the quiet town of Palmyra, Mo., Kay Pugh made a life-changing decision the day her daughter, Alysha, was born. Pugh, then a business woman, put her career on hold after finding out that her daughter would face a variety of illnesses. From birth through the first six years of Alysha’s life, Pugh was at her daughter’s side.

“When you have a sick child, it changes your perspective on life,” said Pugh. “After my husband and I made it through those first few delicate years of Alysha’s life, I knew I had another choice to make. I could continue working or stay home with my family. The choice I made to become a teacher enabled me to do both.”

With a family tree of educators – five of Pugh’s nine siblings work in the education system – teaching seemed a natural career fit, but the choice meant taking a significant pay cut and two more years in school to earn an additional degree. Now, more than 25 years later, Pugh knows she made the right decision. Pugh’s daughter, Alysha Barnett, also chose the teaching profession as a career path. Today, the two women teach in adjoining classrooms at Palmyra High School. “It couldn’t feel more right,” said Pugh.

Now, Pugh is being recognized for her contributions as a mother, teacher and more. After a national search to recognize stand-out moms with unique parenting styles, Pugh was named Sharpie’s 2006 Signature Mom. Barnett wrote the winning essay that described her mother’s commitment to family and teaching.

“My mother Kay is a woman who lives unselfishly,” wrote Barnett, mother of two. “She gives so willingly of her time, whether it’s with my children, her students or the kids at church. She’s amazing. She deserves to be recognized for all that she’s done for me, our family and her students.

“Barnett’s essay was ultimately selected for top honors by Sharpie’s ambassador, Kathy Ireland – former supermodel-turned-entrepreneur and mother of three.

“Signature moms stand out because they make parenting work for them, not against them,” said Ireland. “I do believe we as women can have it all, just not all at the same time. Each mom is amazing in her own way, and Sharpie and I want to celebrate and learn from these moms. Today we celebrate Kay Pugh, who made hard choices but ultimately did it her way, creating a win-win for her family, her students and herself.”

Pugh’s choices and Barnett’s essay support the trend that today’s moms are focused on creating a balance between family and career. According to a recent survey by the Sharpie, 54 percent of moms say spending enough quality time with their kids is among the most important attributes of good parenting.

Both Pugh and Barnett agree today’s moms need to stay true to their instincts when it comes to deciding what’s best for their child. “A Signature Mom recognizes that each child is unique, just as the role models who surround them have their own individual parenting and teaching styles,” said Pugh.

To celebrate Pugh’s new “Signature” status, she has been awarded a spa weekend getaway for two to a resort in Santa Barbara, where both Pugh and Barnett will get to meet Ireland in person. In fact, both women are among the 95 percent of moms who, according to the survey, agree that taking time for yourself and treating yourself every so often is part of being a good mom.

In addition to providing the spa weekend, Sharpie is also donating $10,000 in school supplies and funds to Palmyra High School, where both Pugh and her daughter teach. The funding comes as part of Sharpie’s annual Autographs for Education program, which seeks to collect one million signatures in exchange for $1 million in school supplies and funds, including college scholarships.

Because of the Sharpie brand’s longstanding commitment to education, moms (and dads) everywhere can still participate in the 2006 Autographs for Education program by visiting sharpie.com with their kids to create their own virtual signature. For more information about other Sharpie Signature Mom contest winners, and details about the Sharpie Autographs for Education program, visit sharpie.com.

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