Dallas–September 13, 2006–Mizuni, Inc., a company specializing in information management for K-12 districts, has introduced the next generation of Total Information Management solutions: Mizuni Motiv. Mizuni Motiv consists of the Motiv Process and Motiv Product Suite. Motiv targets district administrators, teachers and parents, giving them unparalleled access to student and district information. The ability to analyze current year, along with previous year information allows districts to increase funds acquisition, streamline data entry, improve student and classroom performance, and achieve true information-driven decision making.

The Mizuni Motiv Process is a proven, systematic strategy that optimizes capabilities in the three key areas of the information management cycle: data acquisition, data storage and information delivery. Motiv was designed based on the Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF) giving districts confidence that the Motiv solution will seamlessly integrate with existing district applications.

The Mizuni Motiv Product Suite is aligned with the Motiv Process and consists of the Motiv Zone Integration Server, Motiv Data Warehouse and Motiv Portal. The Motiv Zone Integration Server delivers unmatched performance and simplicity desired by IT professionals for SIF integration. By utilizing SIF, the Motiv Data Warehouse alleviates data loading barriers required of other warehousing solutions and finally provides an effective solution that districts can afford. Lastly, the Motiv Portal provides secure, Web-based delivery of district and student information to administrators, teachers and parents.

Mizuni has recently initiated a branding campaign that poses the question, “What is your Motiv?” The multiple media advertising plan integrates ads in trade publications and a robust Web site primarily, along with other marketing materials such as fact sheets, direct mail and brochures. The benefits of freedom, insight and control are aligned with the needs of School administrators, Teachers and IT Professionals respectively and provide specific benefits to each. A center-spread ad for Mizuni Motiv recently appeared in industry trade publications and generated enthusiastic buzz at the 2006 NECC convention in San Diego.

About Mizuni, Inc.

Mizuni, Inc. is a recognized innovator and technology leader in information management solutions and services for K-12 school districts. Mizuni partners with educators to achieve true information-driven decision making by implementing strategies that maximize the benefits of Total Information Management. Mizuni is located at 650 S. Edmonds Lane, Suite 229, Lewisville, Texas 75067. To find out more about Mizuni Motiv please contact Mizuni at mizuni.info@mizuni.com or speak with a Mizuni representatives at 1-888-4-MIZUNI.


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