Washington, DC August 23, 2006 – The Schools Interoperability Framework Association (SIFA) and the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) have just released a joint executive brief outlining their newly established relationship. The relationship outlines the desire to create and implement a proof of concept using SIF and SCORM, provide clarity and best practices around the use of SIF and SCORM and develop a long term action plan for collaboration between SIFA and ADL.

The SIF Specification is not a product, but a technical blueprint for school software that will enable diverse applications to interact and share data seamlessly. The SIF Specification is an open standard that any technology providers or schools can develop to and implement. ADL’s Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) aims to foster creation of reusable learning content as “instructional objects” within a common technical framework for computer-based and Web-based learning. SCORM describes that technical framework by providing a harmonized set of guidelines, specifications, and standards based on the work of several distinct e-learning specifications and standards bodies.

As pK-12 educational organizations, government agencies and vendors utilize educational technology more comprehensively for teaching and learning and administration, the need for interoperability becomes paramount. “Leveraging SIF and SCORM will further advance the goal that schools will be enabled to better utilize technology in a manner that leverages the promise and capabilities of interoperability between disparate applications. We are very excited to partner with such a highlyesteemed organization to the benefits of schools, districts and states,” said Dr. Larry Fruth, Executive Director of SIFA.

The entire joint executive brief outlines the rationale for the strategic relationship, the differences between SIF and SCORM and the future plans for furthering interoperability. “We are pleased to work with SIFA to provide clarity around SCORM and SIF. Each organization may concentrate on clarity and leveraging each standard’s or specification’s strength to further interoperability for all industries and applications” stated Robert Wisher, Director of ADL.

The entire Joint Executive Brief will be available on the SIFA web site www.sifinfo.org and the ADL web site www.adlnet.gov. For additional information, please contact Alison Pruitt, apruitt@sifinfo.org.


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