(PRAIRIE VILLAGE, KS–September 18, 2006)–Like many school districts across the nation, the Harford School District of Bel Air, Maryland has wrestled with an outdated paper-based system of hiring for years. With a tradition rich in recognizing the power of hiring skilled employees for every position within the district, Harford spent time researching online hiring systems while in pursuit of the best overall value. The thorough investigation led administrators to the Candidate Management Solution, SchoolRecruiter” by Netchemia”.

Netchemia, an innovative provider of data-driven, Internet-based software and services for K-12 educational organizations, is currently working with Harford to implement SchoolRecruiter. The goal is to maximize Harford’s hiring quality and efficiency as done in over 100 districts across the nation.

“The clarity of candidate information that comes along with using the SchoolRecruiter solution means the staff will be more confident in their recruiting and hiring selections. Complete information on the best candidates will be available at any given time, anywhere the internet is available.” commented Randy Cookus, Netchemia’s Director of Business Development.

From recruiting through applicant tracking, screening, interviewing and hiring, SchoolRecruiter eases the entire candidate management process to help K-12 districts build a better workforce and provide the best possible education for the students in their care.

With SchoolRecruiter, there are no more paper candidate files to sort, copy or keep track of. All applications, resumes and reference surveys are brought in online where they may be automatically sorted by easy-to-use filters. Qualified candidate information may then be forwarded electronically to principals and decision makers. Complete information gets in the right hands to make final decisions and share commentary.

“With SchoolRecruiter, Harford’s hiring process will have precision. Not only will Harford’s old way of receiving, sorting and passing information be modernized but they will be able to do more with the information they have; from capturing information quickly and rating candidates instantly during Job Fairs to running advanced reporting that will help Harford review and improve their hiring process. SchoolRecruiter helps to accomplish more in the hiring process while providing a distinct advantage in the extremely competitive environment of hiring a highly qualified teaching staff.” said Cookus.

The innovative Job Fair portal within SchoolRecruiter will help recruiters gather information from more candidates in less time through three simple steps: Job Fair recruiters quickly capture basic candidate information such as name and email address online; then log a preliminary rating of the candidate; and send an automatic email requesting their full online application be filled out at a later date. “The whole process only takes about a minute and is all accomplished right there on the Job Fair floor.” said Cookus.

“Netchemia has responded to the request for better organization within school districts.” said Eric Diebold, Executive Vice President of Netchemia, LLC “Staff, teachers, administrators and candidates are all able to recognize and appreciate the advantages of SchoolRecruiter as this solution touches the school district at every level.”

About Harford School District

The Harford School District in Bel Air, Maryland is a K-12, public education institution comprised of 51 schools, 2,900 teachers and serving over 40,500 students. The Harford County Public School System takes great pride in providing students with extraordinary educators. Beginning in October 2000, Harford made a more outward attempt at recognizing outstanding educators through the Educator Hall of Fame program. Former educators are inducted into the Hall of Fame based on their outstanding service to students, colleagues, and the community for at least 20 years. For more information about this educational institution, visit the Harford School District website http://www.hcps.org/

About Netchemia

Netchemia, LLC provides data-driven Internet-based software and services to K-12 educational organizations. In partnering with school districts, Netchemia delivers needs-specific solutions that help educational organizations streamline administrative process, optimize information flow, and enrich communication. Netchemia currently serves more than 100 school districts across the nation. Flagship products include netIEP”, software that automates the Special Education process and SchoolRecruiter”, a comprehensive Candidate Management Solution. For more information contact Netchemia at www.netchemia.com or 1.800.490.9686.


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