Camarillo, California, September 14, 2006 — Interlink Electronics, Inc. (LINK.PK), a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of intuitive interface products and technologies, announced today the availability of ePad LS_the industry_s first full color LCD signature capture device. Developed to define the new industry standard for handwritten signature capture devices, the ergonomically-crafted ePad LS is designed for the financial services industry and other markets where businesses need to provide a highly interactive and secure signature process. ePad LS, the newest member of Interlink_s family of ePad e-signature capture devices, offers exceptional data security, versatility and styling. Like all ePad products, it is fully integrated with Interlink_s IntegriSign_ Signature Software Suite.

Our customers in retail banking have been very clear about their needs and expectations regarding electronic signature capture,_ said Rod Vesling, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Interlink Electronics. They desire solutions that provide the highest levels of security, meet or exceed their compliance requirements with respect to internal business processes as well as state and federal legislation, and fit naturally in their environment in order to facilitate an excellent customer experience. ePad LS meets these demands. The new ePad LS is also highly secure,_ continued Mr. Vesling. _It_s the first signature capture device in its class to offer data encryption from the device to host PC to eliminate the risk of data theft and guarantee the security of electronic signature data as it travels to the PC. ePad LS is also one of the most versatile devices in the industry. Its bidirectional color display allows unprecedented interaction and communication with the customer during the signing process. Support for rich text format enables superior display of content and affirmation text during the signing process for greater compliance with business and legislative requirements. The brilliant color screen also supports marketing messages promoting additional products and services for additional revenue generation. Finally, the ePad LS is a natural fit in any retail like environment. Its low-profile brushed-silver metal case design presents beautifully and is natural to use.

With the launch of ePad LS, Interlink has elevated its electronic signature solutions capability to the highest levels available for Enterprise customers,_ added Mr. Vesling. _While cost-savings is always an important concern to our customers, we are hearing that data security and customer experience are of equal importance. These requirements were incorporated into the design of the new ePad LS and are fully supported by our IntegriSign Signature Software Suite integration capabilities.

About ePad LS

With the industry_s first color LCD display and elegant, ergonomic case design, ePad LS was created to capture handwritten e-signatures in upscale settings. It is an enterprise-level signature capture device that features a bi-directional, fully programmable scrolling text window capable of displaying rich text documents that utilize multiple fonts and colors. ePad LS also features a new fortified field-serviceable writing surface to provide long life, optional AES data encryption between device and host, and a Robust ARM9 microprocessor. ePad LS captures signatures with a report rate of as many as 400 counts per second for reliable biometric data capture. The device hosts 2 additional USB ports for adding USB peripherals to a workflow scheme (e.g. MICR reader, camera, printer, or scanner).

The IntegriSign Signature Software Suite is a set of software development kits and plug-ins (for MS Office and Adobe PDF). IntegriSign facilitates developer integration of electronic signatures into business applications and electronic forms. Specific application or form data can be automatically _pushed_ to the ePad LS for enhanced customer communication, interaction and affirmation.

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About Interlink Electronics, Inc.

Interlink Electronics, Inc. (LINK.PK) is a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of intuitive human interface products and technologies. Setting tomorrow_s standards for electronic signature and e-notarization products, advanced remote controls and consumer electronics interface solutions, Interlink has established itself as one of the world_s leading innovators of intuitive interface design. With more than 80 patents around the world protecting its technologies and products, Interlink Electronics serves a world-class customer-base from its corporate headquarters in Camarillo, California and offices in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. For more information, see


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