New York, NY–August 1, 2006–Education Registry announces the launch of its website, This website provides a convenient and meaningful way for couples and parents to create gift registries that will allow their loved ones to contribute towards past, present and/or future educational costs.

Education Registry meets the needs of these couples, parents and children by providing a channel through which they can ask loved ones to help them with their financial and educational goals. As there is an increasing need for higher education, the cost of this education also escalates each year. Many newly married couples must postpone buying a house or having children due to ongoing student loan debt, or because they do not have the education necessary to obtain jobs that will financially support these dreams. In addition, many parents worry about how their child will afford college.

“We passionately envision a world where young couples can be free of student loan debt and where parents can start an Educational Savings Account before their child is even born,” said Jamie Hernandez, Co-Founder and CEO of Education Registry. “Education opens many doors and we don’t feel that anyone should be restricted from attaining ‘The American Dream’ of going to college, buying a house and starting a family because they cannot afford it.”

Couples and parents register cost-free with Education Registry, which allows them to create a web page describing the significance of education for them or their children, post a picture and describe upcoming events, such as weddings, baby showers, or birthdays. To announce their registry to loved ones, registrants can send e-mails directly from the website, and can opt to have cards mailed to them to include in event invitations.


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