Chicago–Sept. 19, 2006–NetOp Tech Inc., the new U.S. subsidiary of Danish software developer Danware A/S, today announced it has signed a lease for more than 3,000 square feet of office space at Olympia Centre on Michigan Avenue. NetOp Tech Inc. will provide sales and service in the United States for Danware’s popular NetOp product line including remote control, classroom teaching, computer security and Internet filtering software.

Located in suite 1510 at 737 North Michigan Ave. in the heart of the famed “Magnificent Mile”, the new office space will eventually house more than 14 employees providing sales and customer service for NetOp software users and partners in the Americas.

“Danware is making a real commitment to the U.S. market by opening up a subsidiary in a centralized active business environment like Chicago,” said Jason Vargovchik, a Microsoft veteran who will be heading up the new office as Country Manager. “The company has given us a quality address and location, so that we can provide our customers with the personalized, local service they require.”

The U.S. is a very strong market for the NetOp product line with more than 25 % of Danware revenue coming from over 10,000 enterprises using award winning NetOp products , according to Peter Groendahl, chief executive officer of Danware A/S.

“North America is the most important market for us and we are looking to substantially grow that market for the NetOp product line,” he said. “A centralized location in Chicago will give us the opportunity to provide our customers and partners with the highest level of responsiveness and service.”

Danware develops and markets software products based on NetOp technology, which provides for fast, secure and stable transfer of images, audio and data between two or more computers. NetOp School is used for computer-based classroom teaching, while NetOp Remote Control products enable remote control of one or more computers. NetOp Netfilter is an Internet filtering solution used to distinguish safe from unsafe content. NetOp Security Suite includes a distributed firewall for monitoring computer processes and communication. All are plug-and-play products offering extensive functionality, flexibility and user-friendliness.

In addition to its new U.S. subsidiary, Danware is about to open offices in the United Kingdom and Germany.

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NetOp Tech, Inc. is the U.S. subsidiary of Danware, a Danish based software company. Danware’s core business is to develop and market, through a certified channel of NetOp Partners, software products based on the NetOp core technology–a technology enabling swift, secure and seamless transfer of screens, sound and data between two or more products. For more information please see the NetOp Tech Inc. Web site at


Based in Birkerod, Denmark, Danware A/S develops and markets NetOp software products sold in more than 80 countries worldwide. In 2005, Danware reported sales of about $15.5 million. Danware’s shares are listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange and are a component of the Small Cap+ index. For more information, visit the Danware Web site at


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