Denver, CO – September 20, 2006-In its more than six years of granting scholarships to at-risk students, The Alliance for Choice in Education (ACE) announced today, it will be awarding a record-breaking 761 scholarships, totaling $1,600,000, to at risk students in K-12 throughout the state of Colorado. Thanks to this little known organization, children of low-income families are gifted scholarship money to pay for up to half of tuition at one of 158 private school partners in Colorado.

“The students who suffer from a lack of school choice are the ones who can’t afford to make that choice,” said Norton Rainey, Executive Director of ACE. “Wealthy and middle-class parents have educational options: they can afford to send their children to private schools or move to neighborhoods with better public schools. The poor have no such option.”

ACE was founded in 2000 to provide low-income, inner-city parents with the freedom of genuine educational options and the power of financial scholarships. Since that time, ACE has provided over $9,157,000 in financial support to over 1,760 students, 100% of which qualified for the Federal Free or Reduced Lunch program, and whose family’s average annual income was $18, 416. The announcement of this banner year of scholarship grants follows a year in which 95% of the ACE 2005 senior class graduated from high school, and 86% of these students are now in college. This is a bright spot in a state that is ranked last in the country for low-income 18-24 year olds who go on to college.

“Every child in the state of Colorado should have an equal opportunity to a quality education,” said Ed McVaney, Retired President and Founder of J.D. Edwards and Chairman of the Board of ACE. “Many of the students ACE helps reside in neighborhoods with failing public schools, and their families can’t afford an alternative. These kids deserve the same chances that more affluent kids have to attain the education that will empower them to grow into successful and productive citizens.”

ACE scholarships are 100% privately funded and overseen by a prestigious board of trustees that include some of Denver’s most education-minded luminaries, including Ed McVaney, Charlie Gallagher, Alex Cranberg, Dick Robinson, Blair Richardson, Peter Dea, and Ralph Nagel.

Privately funded scholarship programs that send children to private schools have been proven to offer real benefits to low-income families. Research conducted by The Harvard Department of Research has corroborated that such programs: enhance academic performance, promote effective school spending and parental involvement, reduce delinquency among students who participate, provide a safer learning environment, require less money to operate, and may serve to indirectly improve public school systems.

Alliance for Choice in Education

ACE was founded in 2000 by businessman Alex Cranberg to expand educational choices to children of low-income families in Colorado by providing private scholarships to children in grades K-12. For more information about ACE, visit or call 720-266-6797.


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