New York, USA, Sept. 20, 2006–How many students get the chance to talk to a Pearl Harbor survivor as part of their World War II curriculum? Or take a morning scuba-dive to see underwater ecosystems in a coral reef — and still make it back for geometry class in the afternoon? The answers might surprise you, thanks to the schedule announced today for the TANDBERG (OSLO: TAA.OL) 2006 Connections Program, a “virtual field trip” (VFT) offering that empowers schools and teachers to bring the world to the classroom using interactive videoconferencing.

TANDBERG’s 2006 Connections Program will offer access to free virtual field trips to schools that use TANDBERG videoconferencing, enabling students to experience cultural events in foreign countries, learn about scientific discoveries, or hear powerful stories first hand from those that lived through historic moments just to name a few possibilities. Virtual field trips help schools overcome lack of resources and funding or simple geographic barriers to provide eye-opening, interactive lessons that greatly enhance existing curriculum and bring students what are potentially once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

The Connections Program 2006 schedule will offer students the opportunity to:

Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef and discover the impact coral reefs have on wildlife and the world.

*Speak directly to Pearl Harbor survivors about the events of December 7, 1941.

*Learn why people don’t fall out of roller coasters when they go upside down, and even help construct a portion of a roller coaster track to demonstrate the physics behind roller coaster performance.

*Experience the secret lives of dolphins, amphibians and bats–all without leaving their classroom!

“The impact a virtual field trip can have is incredible. Reading about segregation in a book doesn’t compare to taking a 12-year-old student to the Baseball Hall of Fame to learn about Jackie Robinson and how baseball led critical social shifts in American history,” said Jan Zanetis, Market Development Manager, Education, for TANDBERG. “Many kids will never make it to the Baseball Hall of Fame, but with videoconferencing, they can be back before lunch – from anywhere in the world.”

As part of TANDBERG’s 2006 Connections Program, school children will use videoconferencing to take a virtual field trip to West Texas to learn about the history of cotton and the role cotton played in shaping early America. This virtual field trip, presented by a high school class in Stamford, Texas as part of its own interactive video curriculum, will allow elementary students who may have never even seen a cotton field to experience a part of history and learn why cotton truly was king.

“As the leaders of tomorrow, students must be given a broad, multi-cultural perspective on the world they live in, “said Rick Snyder, president of TANDBERG Americas. “Virtual field trips provide rich life experiences that would otherwise not be possible, creating stronger, more impactful lessons for students around the world.”

About the TANDBERG Connections Program

The TANDBERG Connection Program offers free virtual field trips to K12 schools using TANDBERG videoconferencing equipment. TANDBERG customers have access to this program and the power to bring their students the latest cultural events, newest scientific discoveries and musical inspirations at the touch of a button.

TANDBERG’s free virtual field trips are offered on a monthly, first-come, first-served basis to current customers. To register for this exciting program, TANDBERG customers should visit

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