BURLINGTON, Massachusetts (September 27, 2006)–Based on the successful implementation of a Broadcast Pix 2000 digital switcher in a classroom environment at its Ben Barber Career Tech Academy, the Mansfield Independent School District (Mansfield ISD), located in Mansfield, Texas, selected a second Broadcast Pix 2000 switcher. The second switcher will be used for closed circuit broadcasts within the school district’s new multi-purpose stadium and natatorium currently being constructed. Broadcast Pix is a premier manufacturer of live switchers for the broadcast market with such high-profile customer as CBS, ABC, Fox and PBS, as well as large corporations including Microsoft, HP, Cisco and Morgan-Stanley.

With over 27,000 students enrolled at its 33 schools from elementary through high school, Mansfield ISD is one of the fastest growing school districts in Texas. Because of the pace at which it’s growing, the school district is constructing a new sports stadium complex to accommodate the needs of its student body. The new stadium will include a Broadcast Pix 2000 switcher housed within the press box for signal switching to a Jumbotron system. Three JVC GY-DV550U camcorders will be on the field–with two stationed in the press box and one on the field. One Canon NU700N remote control camera will be placed on top of the Jumbotron and operated remotely from the press box.

The ease with which graphics and titles are created and integrated within the live video was the main advantage of the Broadcast Pix 2000 switcher, according to Jerry Cantu, Media Technology Instructor, Mansfield ISD’s Ben Barber Career Tech Academy: “We can have one person creating graphics simultaneously while another person is doing the switching. Previously, we’d have to go to a separate software program, transfer the graphics to removable media, import the files into the system, and then bring up the graphics. It’s much easier to operate than having a separate CG system. And the number of inputs we’re able to assign sources to more than meets our expectations.”

Because the Ben Barber Career Tech Academy already has a Broadcast Pix 2000 switcher in the control room for its “Media Technology” program, selecting the 2000 for the new stadium was an easy choice. “Our students will be the crew for the Jumbotron broadcasts,” explained Cantu. “And they are already familiar with the switcher through our Media Technology classes at Ben Barber, so they won’t need any training at all.” Three JVC DV-550U cameras are installed in a “newsroom” set up in Ben Barber Career Tech Academy’s Media Technology program that also houses the Broadcast Pix 2000 switcher. The Ben Barber Career Tech Academy offers career tech training in the culinary arts, electronics, RTV communications, business marketing, geographical information systems, and automotive industries. The Broadcast Pix 2000 switcher includes a rack-mounted workstation with a hard-panel control panel and a Break-out-Box. It includes a digital switcher with four keyers, Inscriber Character Generator, clip stores, still stores, logo generator, three DVEs, and it provides SDI and analog I/O, including composite, Y/C and component. Options include control of cameras, video servers and routers. About Broadcast Pix

Broadcast Pix provides the industry’s only live video production switchers with a built-in character generator, clip store and full-motion monitoring. They are more powerful, easier to use, and much more cost effective than a traditional control room of individual components, yet retain a fast action human interface and robustness. Broadcast Pix switchers enable a single operator to create engaging live television that used to require a team, yet gracefully adds operators when desired. They are also the only switchers that can be controlled remotely over the Internet. Broadcast Pix is based in Burlington, Massachusetts, with offices in California and Europe. Customers include leading broadcast, cable, corporate, education, entertainment, mobile, faith and government studios. For more information on Broadcast Pix, go to www.broadcastpix.com.


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