SAN DIEGO, Calif., September 26, 2006–Healthy Kids’ Catalog®–a one-of-a-kind online catalog company exclusively offering “Solutions That Foster Healthy Children™”, today announced that it has integrated a DVD entitled “The Visual Guide: How To Make A Healthy Lunch For Kids!” into its inventory of non-consumable lifestyle products that serve to help kids get, and stay, weight-wise through good nutrition and physical activity. This in time for National School Lunch Week October 9-13, 2006, when parents and educators alike will have a renewed focus on the importance of healthy lunch choices during the school day–both those from the school cafeteria and brought from home.

“This DVD is both a timely and compelling addition to our catalog, as healthy school lunches are among caregivers’ foremost concerns and practical, common sense expert advice on the topic is always in demand,” notes Merilee Kern, founder and CEO of Healthy Kids’ Catalog. “It is one of the best tools in this area I’ve seen, as it provides hundreds of healthy school lunch ideas that are as simple as they are tasty to a kid’s pallet.”

Words may inform, but demonstration teaches; that’s the core philosophy behind “The Visual Guide: How To Make A Healthy Lunch For Kids!” DVD. At just over 90-minutes long, it’s packed with valuable information every parent needs to break out of his or her rut in preparing school lunches. Back to school lunch topics include: adding interest to fruits & vegetables; making the most of leftovers; kid-friendly sandwiches, wraps & pitas; soup, bean & rice dishes; and helpful tips for busy parents. The DVD also includes a colorful recipe booklet filled with school lunch box ideas.

Co-producer Laura Pasetta leveraged her extensive background in family health, nutrition, herbal medicine and cooking to produce “The Visual Guide: How To Make A Healthy Lunch For Kids!” DVD, which, she says, was “a labor of love.” The DVD’s easy-to-navigate menu breaks down school lunch preparation into seven steps, or “layers,” including: the importance of food presentation, healthy main course dishes, incorporating vegetables, adding fruit, healthy snack ideas, hydrating beverages and lunchtime fun. Using these building blocks, the DVD teaches parents how to prepare school lunches as healthy as they are exciting. It also includes commentary from a Pediatrician and Registered Dietitian on the effects of an unhealthy diet.

Pasetta notes, “We are thrilled that Healthy Kids’ Catalog has made our DVD available to health-conscious consumers nationwide, as this retailer whose sole mission is to help eradicate childhood obesity could not be a more perfect fit. I, for one, applaud their efforts to make such resources readily available to caregivers from one easy and convenient online storefront.”

Healthy Kids’ Catalog provides parents, teachers, physicians and other youth care givers with one-stop access to a wide assortment of resources to help kids eat nutritiously, get active and otherwise lead a healthy lifestyle. The kid-friendly healthy living products offered by Healthy Kids’ Catalog’s run the gamut; categories include Books/Literature for Children, Books/Literature for Care givers, Instructional/Educational Materials, Videos, Exercise Tools/Equipment, Sports Gear, Health-Promoting Toys/Games, Nutrition, Fitness, Kitchen Appliances and Healthy Living. The company also publishes WEIGHT-WISE KIDS®, a free monthly electronic newsletter that “serves up” youth-specific healthy living advice, information, news, and resources.

Those interested in purchasing “The Visual Guide: How To Make A Healthy Lunch For Kids!” DVD and other healthy youth lifestyle products can do so at for just $19.99 U.S.

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Established in 2006 and with corporate headquarters in San Diego, California, first-of-its-kind Healthy Kids’ Catalog® ( is dedicated to improving the state of kids’ health by offering a comprehensive line of top-quality “Solutions That Foster Healthy Children™” from one convenient online destination. Through Healthy Kids’ Catalog, parents, teachers, physicians and other youth caregivers benefit from single-point access to a broad selection of kid-friendly healthy living resources. The company was co-founded by child health advocate Merilee A. Kern, CEO who is also author of the fictional children’s book entitled “It’s Not Your Fault That You’re Overweight – A Story of Enlightenment, Empowerment and Accomplishment for Overweight and Obese Kids,” which was named among iParenting Media’s “Excellent Products of 2006.”

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The Visual Guide is a California-based producer of high-quality, educational DVDs designed to empower and enlighten the new generation across a variety of topics. Each video is produced with The Visual Guide’s core philosophy in mind: while words may inform, demonstration teaches. Their products are always easy to follow, hands-on and packed with valuable information you can use over and over again. The Visual Guide is owned and operated by Gregory and Laura Pasetta, a husband-and-wife team combining Greg’s 20-years experience in video production and technology with Laura’s extensive background in health, nutrition, herbal medicine and cooking. For more information, please visit:


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