San Francisco, Sept. 28, 2006 — Gateway today announced three new Intel® Xeon®-powered servers, which will be built at the new U.S.-based Gateway Configuration Center (GCC). Gateway’s configure-to-order facility gives the company leading manufacturing and distribution capabilities, so it can better meet the needs of its professional customers. The server line-up includes a dual-socket 1U server, 2U rack-mount server and a high-performance tower. The new servers are being demonstrated and shown today at the Intel Developer Forum, booth #520 in the Digital Enterprise Zone, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

The servers include a host of new features and technologies: a new industrial design, enhanced serviceability features, integrated RAID and Gateway Lights Out (GLO) system management with optional K/V/M (keyboard, video, mouse). In addition, customers can incorporate both SAS and SATA II hard drives in the same system, mixing high-performance and value drives for maximum flexibility.

The new servers are designed to support general purpose infrastructure computing applications. They are ideal as Web servers, for handling office and department databases, line of business applications and infrastructure virtualization. Perfect for small- and medium-sized businesses, they work well as file and print servers, or for running critical office functions and the entire back-office.

“Our re-designed server line delivers an incredible overall package to professional customers–innovative, feature-rich products that are highly serviceable,” said Jim Burdick, Gateway senior vice president, professional. “Built in the U.S. and with telephone support provided by North American-based agents, Gateway is well positioned to deliver stellar product and support quality.”

“Intel’s new dual-core Intel® Xeon® Processor 5100 series is designed for the high-volume server market segment. These processors are based on the revolutionary new Intel® Core(TM) Microarchitecture, which offers undeniable leadership in server performance, energy efficiency and value,” said Kirk Skaugen, vice president, Digital Enterprise Group, Intel Corporation.

Enhanced Serviceability and New Design Streamlines Deployment and Support New serviceability features make it easier than ever to support and deploy Gateway servers. All models include tool-less chassis’, tool-less motherboards and color-coded components. In addition, all models share components including RAID daughter cards, drive carriers and system management.

Boasting an exclusive design with sleek silver and black trim and blue LED platform status indicators, IT managers and CIOs will be proud to showcase Gateway servers within their data centers. The new front bezel optimizes airflow and improves cooling, helping extend component lifecycle and enhancing reliability. The design displays power and performance, while delivering the best user accessibility and serviceability Gateway has ever offered in their server line.

Leading Integrated Server Management and K/V/M Technology Brings a High Level of Efficiency to IT Departments New to the entire line of servers is a common integrated Gateway Lights Out (GLO) system management feature. With GLO, customers can remotely shut down and re-start their server regardless of its power condition. Through a Web-browser, IT managers can reboot a server in seconds. With a Web-based dashboard view that is easy to navigate, IT managers can easily control the new servers from a remote location.

An optional low-cost remote control K/V/M with media redirect features enables IT managers to take full remote control of a server. With media redirect, they can remotely set up, manage or add applications to a remote server from their desktop, notebook or another server.

In the fourth quarter, Gateway will offer an optional System Management Integrated LCD (SMIL), a powerful add-on that hot plugs to the front of the server, providing health and operating status on a full-color, easy-to-read LCD panel.

Top-of-the-Line Technologies Include SAS and SATA II Hard Drives, Integrated RAID and Redundant Hot Swap Fans and Power Supplies All of Gateway’s new servers can be configured with both SAS and SATA II drives, giving customers the flexibility to choose the technology best suited to their needs. Customers can use both types of drives in one system, allowing them to install operating systems and other mission critical applications on mirrored, highly reliable SAS drives, while storing file data on SATA II drives for the best value.

Integrated RAID options, featured on all new models, offers a cost-effective solution while saving a valuable expansion slot. Support for RAID 5 + Hot Spare and RAID 10 options offer greater redundancy and integrity.

Lastly, all of the new systems deliver high availability with redundant, hot-swap fans and power supply options. Hot swappable fans, new to Gateway 1U servers and not available on many competitive systems, provide exceptional cooling capability as well as greater availability in case of fan failure. The new highly efficient, redundant power supplies require less energy to run and produce less heat output, helping to extend component life.

Gateway E-9520T Performance Tower

The Gateway® E-9520T Performance Tower Server delivers the highest level of performance and reliability with advanced remote system management capabilities. Expandable and versatile, it is an ideal choice as an application or general use workhorse server in companies of all sizes.

Up to two Dual-Core Intel® Xeon 5100 processors combined with the latest Intel 5000P chipset and fully buffered DIMM memory (FB DIMM) deliver outstanding performance. With six expansion slots and room for up to 7.5TB(1)/10 drives of internal storage, the E-9520T is highly customizable.

Gateway Rack Servers

Today’s announcement from Gateway includes a new 1U and 2U rack server, both designed to offer high expansion and flexibility in space-saving rack-mountable platforms.

Gateway® E-9425R

The E-9425R is Gateway’s most advanced and serviceable 1U rack-optimized server platform featuring the latest Dual-Core Intel Xeon processors and 5000P chipset. It provides excellent performance per watt in a mid-range server platform. The new server is highly expansive with up to six 3.5-inch hot-swap SAS or SATA II hard drives. Utilizing SATA II drives, it has a storage capacity of up to 3.0TBs. Combined with the new manageability features and technologies, it is the most flexible 1U server Gateway has ever offered.

The E-9425R supports FB DIMM providing increased throughput, higher capacity and improved reliability. With room for 32GB of memory, the E-9425R is ideally suited to handle high-performance database and virtualization applications.

Gateway® E-9525R

The Gateway E-9525R Server is an expandable and flexible 2U rack-optimized server platform supporting up to two of the latest Dual-Core Intel® Xeon(TM) processors utilizing Intel’s latest DP chipset, the 5000P.

It also provides exceptional performance and scalability in a mid-range server platform. With up to six hot-swap SAS or SATA II hard drives, excellent I/O performance with two NICs, five PCI slots and new manageability features and technologies, it is the most flexible 2U server Gateway has ever offered. Utilizing SATA II drives, it has a storage capacity of up to 4.5TBs. Like the E-9425R 1U server, the E-9425R also supports FB DIMM, expandable to 32GB.

Pricing and Availability

Gateway is taking orders now; prices start at $1,849 for the E-9425R 1U Server, $1,899 for the E-9525R 2U Server and $2,199 for the E-9520T Performance Tower.

For more information on Gateway products, customers can visit or call 1-800-GATEWAY. Solution providers and value added resellers (VARs) interested in partnering with Gateway through the ProNet Partner Program can find more information at

Professional Services

In addition, Gateway Professional Services deliver enterprise-level expertise to help professionals maximize the value of their technology resources. Offerings include:

*Network Planning and Implementation

*Backup and Disaster Recovery

*Data and Application Migration

*Server Virtualization

*Citrix® Implementation

*Hitachi SAN Implementation

*Server Consolidation and Clustering

North American Based Telephone Support

While many PC vendors go off-shore to save service costs, Gateway’s technical telephone support for U.S. customers is 100-percent based in North America. Customers are assured their calls are handled by knowledgeable, experienced, well-trained and dedicated support agents close to home.

Gateway Professional

From ultra-reliable desktops, notebooks and servers to comprehensive services, Gateway has served organizations for 20 years. Gateway makes technology purchase, use and support simple through the programs developed for education, government and business customers. The ProNet Partner Program’s channel-friendly benefits help solution providers strengthen and grow their businesses. Gateway customers include many of the world’s leading organizations, such as the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency, the University of Arizona, State of California, State of New York and others. For more information on Gateway Professional solutions, visit

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