June 16, 2006 (Blaine, Wash.)–Horizon DataSys Corporation announces the release of RollBack Rx Pro 7.2, the only disaster recovery solution that allows users to recover their system files, program files, priceless digital pictures, mp3 files and other data up-to-the-minute of a system crash. RollBack Rx Pro 7.2™ allows computer users, regardless of their skill level, to easily and quickly repair their computer problems in seconds. Empowering both users and enterprise IT support personnel with the ultimate cost and time saving tool to maintain their computers, RollBack Rx Pro 7.2 is affordable insurance for any computer user.

RollBack Rx Pro 7.2 works by taking snapshots of the hard drive and storing them as recoverable system configurations. Then, when the user’s system crashes, they have the opportunity to go back to any of the system snapshots and restore their PC back to its previous state. The snapshots are taken seamlessly and automatically with no system restart at any predetermined time every minute, every day or even every second. “RollBack Rx Pro 7.2 is a critical line of defense that closes the window of exposure to today’s fast moving security threats, while minimizing downtime,” said Lyle Patel, President of Horizon DataSys. “Recovering from an attack immediately after a system crash is essential for large corporations.”

The software’s unique technology makes it the most complete disaster recovery software on the market today. Based on a patent pending technology, RollBack Rx Pro 7.2 only takes 0.07% of total hard disk space and is compatible with Windows 98, Me, 2000 and XP. RollBack Rx Pro 7.2 retrieves lost files from the past and continues to take snapshots of incoming emails and present programs–allowing the user to retrieve files up to the current minute.

“With RollBack Rx Pro 7.2, systems and employees’ computers can be back up and running within minutes–with no data loss,” said Patel.

No matter the title or degree of the user; English teacher, small business owner, network administrator for thousands of PCs or a novice end-user, RollBack Rx Pro 7.2 saves time, money and unnecessary trouble for any computer user. For more information and to purchase RollBack Rx Pro 7.2 (MSRP, $59.95), visit http://www.horizondatasys.com/.


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