Robert S. Peterkin, Urban Education Leader, joins PLATO Learning’s Board

MINNEAPOLIS–September 18, 2006–PLATO Learning, Inc. (NASDAQ:TUTR), a leading provider of K-adult computer-based and e-learning solutions, announced that Robert Peterkin, director of the Urban Superintendents Program and Francis Keppel Professor on Educational Policy and Administration at the Harvard Graduate School of Education has been elected to its Board of Directors.

Dr. Peterkin has focused entirely on education during his distinguished 35-year career, and he has earned a reputation as one of our nation’s leading advocates for urban education reform. Dr. Peterkin has been a teacher, administrator, and superintendent of Cambridge (Mass.) and Milwaukee (Wis.) Public Schools.

Since 1991, Dr. Peterkin has led the Urban Superintendents Program at Harvard with the mission to help future superintendents in urban schools elevate their political, managerial, and educational leadership skills and to drive qualitative change for teachers and learners. In 2003, Dr. Peterkin helped form and launch the Public Education Leadership Project, a collaborative initiative by the faculty of Harvard’s Business and Education Schools, to improve the administrative management and educational outcomes of urban school systems. Dr. Peterkin has written and lectured on equitable school choice, school governance, school desegregation, women and people of color in leadership, the achievement gap, and the impact of school reform on the achievement of African-American children.

“Dr. Peterkin brings vast education experience, with specific emphasis on urban education, to the Board,” said Dave Smith, PLATO Learning’s Executive Chairman. “He will be a valued contributor to our Board of Directors and a committed steward of our shareholders’ interests.” Mike Morache, CEO of PLATO Learning said, “our board of directors has four outstanding leaders of education in America–Dr. M. Lee Pelton, President of Willamette University; Dr. Robert Peterkin, Harvard Graduate School of Education; Dr. Ted Sanders, former President of Southern Illinois University and former Chief State School Officer for Ohio and Illinois; Dr. Warrens Simmons, Executive Director of the Annenberg Institute for School Reform at Brown University. I am grateful for their insight and guidance in helping the company shape its strategy to provide the truly innovative instructional technology for teachers and students in K12 and higher education.”

About PLATO Learning

PLATO Learning is a leading provider of computer-based and e-learning instruction for kindergarten through adult learners, offering curricula in reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies, and life and job skills. The company also offers innovative online assessment and accountability solutions and standards-based professional development services. With over 6,000 hours of objective-based, problem-solving courseware, plus assessment, alignment, and curriculum management tools, we create standards-based curricula that facilitate learning and school improvement.

PLATO Learning is a publicly held company traded as TUTR on the NASDAQ. PLATO Learning educational software, delivered via networks, CD-ROM, the Internet, and private intranets, is primarily marketed to K12 schools and colleges. The Company also sells to job training programs, correctional institutions, military education programs, corporations, and individuals. PLATO Learning is headquartered at 10801 Nesbitt Avenue South, Bloomington, Minnesota 55437, 952.832.1000 or 800.869.2000. The Company has offices throughout North America and in Puerto Rico, as well as international distributors in the United Kingdom and South Africa. For more information, please visit

PLATO® is a registered trademark of PLATO Learning, Inc. PLATO Learning is a trademark of PLATO Learning, Inc. PLATO, Inc. is a PLATO Learning, Inc. company. Please see the below release.



Interlink Electronics New E-Signature Capture Device Delivers Superior Security, Compliance and Usability

Camarillo, California, September 14, 2006 — Interlink Electronics, Inc. (LINK.PK), a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of intuitive interface products and technologies, announced today the availability of ePad LS_the industry_s first full color LCD signature capture device. Developed to define the new industry standard for handwritten signature capture devices, the ergonomically-crafted ePad LS is designed for the financial services industry and other markets where businesses need to provide a highly interactive and secure signature process. ePad LS, the newest member of Interlink_s family of ePad e-signature capture devices, offers exceptional data security, versatility and styling. Like all ePad products, it is fully integrated with Interlink_s IntegriSign_ Signature Software Suite.

Our customers in retail banking have been very clear about their needs and expectations regarding electronic signature capture,_ said Rod Vesling, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Interlink Electronics. They desire solutions that provide the highest levels of security, meet or exceed their compliance requirements with respect to internal business processes as well as state and federal legislation, and fit naturally in their environment in order to facilitate an excellent customer experience. ePad LS meets these demands. The new ePad LS is also highly secure,_ continued Mr. Vesling. _It_s the first signature capture device in its class to offer data encryption from the device to host PC to eliminate the risk of data theft and guarantee the security of electronic signature data as it travels to the PC. ePad LS is also one of the most versatile devices in the industry. Its bidirectional color display allows unprecedented interaction and communication with the customer during the signing process. Support for rich text format enables superior display of content and affirmation text during the signing process for greater compliance with business and legislative requirements. The brilliant color screen also supports marketing messages promoting additional products and services for additional revenue generation. Finally, the ePad LS is a natural fit in any retail like environment. Its low-profile brushed-silver metal case design presents beautifully and is natural to use.

With the launch of ePad LS, Interlink has elevated its electronic signature solutions capability to the highest levels available for Enterprise customers,_ added Mr. Vesling. _While cost-savings is always an important concern to our customers, we are hearing that data security and customer experience are of equal importance. These requirements were incorporated into the design of the new ePad LS and are fully supported by our IntegriSign Signature Software Suite integration capabilities.

About ePad LS

With the industry_s first color LCD display and elegant, ergonomic case design, ePad LS was created to capture handwritten e-signatures in upscale settings. It is an enterprise-level signature capture device that features a bi-directional, fully programmable scrolling text window capable of displaying rich text documents that utilize multiple fonts and colors. ePad LS also features a new fortified field-serviceable writing surface to provide long life, optional AES data encryption between device and host, and a Robust ARM9 microprocessor. ePad LS captures signatures with a report rate of as many as 400 counts per second for reliable biometric data capture. The device hosts 2 additional USB ports for adding USB peripherals to a workflow scheme (e.g. MICR reader, camera, printer, or scanner).

The IntegriSign Signature Software Suite is a set of software development kits and plug-ins (for MS Office and Adobe PDF). IntegriSign facilitates developer integration of electronic signatures into business applications and electronic forms. Specific application or form data can be automatically _pushed_ to the ePad LS for enhanced customer communication, interaction and affirmation.

More information about ePad LS and IntegriSign Signature Software Suite is available at

About Interlink Electronics, Inc.

Interlink Electronics, Inc. (LINK.PK) is a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of intuitive human interface products and technologies. Setting tomorrow_s standards for electronic signature and e-notarization products, advanced remote controls and consumer electronics interface solutions, Interlink has established itself as one of the world_s leading innovators of intuitive interface design. With more than 80 patents around the world protecting its technologies and products, Interlink Electronics serves a world-class customer-base from its corporate headquarters in Camarillo, California and offices in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. For more information, see



Harford School District Opts for an Organized Recruiting and Hiring Process through Netchemia’s Online Software Solution

(PRAIRIE VILLAGE, KS–September 18, 2006)–Like many school districts across the nation, the Harford School District of Bel Air, Maryland has wrestled with an outdated paper-based system of hiring for years. With a tradition rich in recognizing the power of hiring skilled employees for every position within the district, Harford spent time researching online hiring systems while in pursuit of the best overall value. The thorough investigation led administrators to the Candidate Management Solution, SchoolRecruiter” by Netchemia”.

Netchemia, an innovative provider of data-driven, Internet-based software and services for K-12 educational organizations, is currently working with Harford to implement SchoolRecruiter. The goal is to maximize Harford’s hiring quality and efficiency as done in over 100 districts across the nation.

“The clarity of candidate information that comes along with using the SchoolRecruiter solution means the staff will be more confident in their recruiting and hiring selections. Complete information on the best candidates will be available at any given time, anywhere the internet is available.” commented Randy Cookus, Netchemia’s Director of Business Development.

From recruiting through applicant tracking, screening, interviewing and hiring, SchoolRecruiter eases the entire candidate management process to help K-12 districts build a better workforce and provide the best possible education for the students in their care.

With SchoolRecruiter, there are no more paper candidate files to sort, copy or keep track of. All applications, resumes and reference surveys are brought in online where they may be automatically sorted by easy-to-use filters. Qualified candidate information may then be forwarded electronically to principals and decision makers. Complete information gets in the right hands to make final decisions and share commentary.

“With SchoolRecruiter, Harford’s hiring process will have precision. Not only will Harford’s old way of receiving, sorting and passing information be modernized but they will be able to do more with the information they have; from capturing information quickly and rating candidates instantly during Job Fairs to running advanced reporting that will help Harford review and improve their hiring process. SchoolRecruiter helps to accomplish more in the hiring process while providing a distinct advantage in the extremely competitive environment of hiring a highly qualified teaching staff.” said Cookus.

The innovative Job Fair portal within SchoolRecruiter will help recruiters gather information from more candidates in less time through three simple steps: Job Fair recruiters quickly capture basic candidate information such as name and email address online; then log a preliminary rating of the candidate; and send an automatic email requesting their full online application be filled out at a later date. “The whole process only takes about a minute and is all accomplished right there on the Job Fair floor.” said Cookus.

“Netchemia has responded to the request for better organization within school districts.” said Eric Diebold, Executive Vice President of Netchemia, LLC “Staff, teachers, administrators and candidates are all able to recognize and appreciate the advantages of SchoolRecruiter as this solution touches the school district at every level.”

About Harford School District

The Harford School District in Bel Air, Maryland is a K-12, public education institution comprised of 51 schools, 2,900 teachers and serving over 40,500 students. The Harford County Public School System takes great pride in providing students with extraordinary educators. Beginning in October 2000, Harford made a more outward attempt at recognizing outstanding educators through the Educator Hall of Fame program. Former educators are inducted into the Hall of Fame based on their outstanding service to students, colleagues, and the community for at least 20 years. For more information about this educational institution, visit the Harford School District website

About Netchemia

Netchemia, LLC provides data-driven Internet-based software and services to K-12 educational organizations. In partnering with school districts, Netchemia delivers needs-specific solutions that help educational organizations streamline administrative process, optimize information flow, and enrich communication. Netchemia currently serves more than 100 school districts across the nation. Flagship products include netIEP”, software that automates the Special Education process and SchoolRecruiter”, a comprehensive Candidate Management Solution. For more information contact Netchemia at or 1.800.490.9686.



COSMEO Helps Students Transition Back to School with Easy-to-Digest Homework Help, Interactive Games and Educational Video Clips that Reinforce Learning

Silver Spring, MD (Sept. 18, 2006) – As students return to school this fall, the inevitable pressure of homework assignments will have many of them asking parents and searching the web for homework help. Discovery Education’s COSMEO, the most comprehensive online homework help service for K-12 students, makes it easy for students and their parents to do homework, study for a test, or start a school project.

COSMEO, which is correlated to grade level and state curriculum standards, provides homework help for all key subject areas – science, math, social studies, English, health, art and music – and includes more than 30,000 teacher-approved video clips that make complex topics more interesting to investigate and easier to understand. The homework help subscription service, available at, also provides more than 15,000 interactive quizzes; 20,000 high-resolution images and clip art; hundreds of interactive brain games; online reference materials and more. And coming soon, users will find content that directly matches topics covered in the most widely-used math and science textbooks, and later this fall, social studies textbooks. Since its launch in March 2006, COSMEO has added many new features. Those coming this fall include:

*Textbook-aligned video content for the most widely used science and social studies textbooks, and content aligned to every page of top math textbooks.

*A comprehensive reference center complete with Merriam Webster’s online dictionary, the Columbia Encyclopedia, almanacs, and periodicals.

*5,000 new educational video clips, including Discovery exclusive educational video vignettes tied to upcoming Discovery Networks programs, including Discovery Channel’s DISCOVERY ATLAS and MYTHBUSTERS, and Discovery Kids Channel’s YEAR ON EARTH.

*Compelling new brain games, including an interactive periodic table of elements, Pendemonium grammar games, and the COSMEO Music Academy.

*Instant polls that allow kids to share important facts, figures and kids opinions.

“Our goal is to provide the ultimate online learning experience for K-12 students and their families,” said Melanie Bowen, executive vice president of Home Services for Discovery Education. “We’ve added many engaging, fun new resources to help students with their homework and reinforce what they are learning in the classroom.”

About Discovery Education

Discovery Education is a division of Discovery Communications, the leading global real-world and knowledge-based media company. The leader in digital video-based learning, Discovery Education produces and distributes high-quality digital video content in easy-to-use formats, in all core-curricular subject areas. Its award-winning digital learning resources are available to 30 million students across the United States. Discovery Education is committed to creating scientifically proven, standards-based digital resources for teachers, students, and parents. Through strategic partnerships with 25 public television stations across the country, its public service initiatives, products, and joint business ventures, Discovery Education helps educators around the world harness the power of broadband and media to connect their students to a world of learning. For more information, visit



New Version of Print-Limit Pro Supports Mac OS X Servers

PORTLAND, Ore., & LANGENTHAL, Switzerland – Sept. 19, 2006 – Today GenevaLogic announced an update to Print-Limit® Pro. Now with version 6.2, the print management solution can be installed on Mac OS X servers.

With the launch of Print-Limit Pro earlier this year, educators can easily and efficiently manage printing across large, multi-platform environments. Print-Limit Pro’s unique features allow schools, colleges, universities and businesses the ability to print when needed, while managing resources, recovering printing expenses and dramatically reducing paper and toner budgets.

“Print-Limit Pro is amazingly easy to install and get running,” said John Rhodes, server administrator, Renton School District, Washington. “It is very intuitive to use and well-planned right out of the box.”

Easily scalable to networks serving more than 20,000 users, Print-Limit Pro features an intuitive Web interface, advanced budgeting and reporting tools, and supports all major operating systems.

“At GenevaLogic, we are committed to ensuring that educators can use our software to optimize the use of technology to support teaching and learning no matter what operating or server system they choose,” said Kirk Greiner, chief executive officer, GenevaLogic. “That is why we are continually updating our products to maximize their availability to schools, colleges and universities.”

Existing Print-Limit Pro customers with active annual support and upgrade protection packages can download a free update. For K-12 schools or districts, an unlimited site license for Print-Limit Pro starts at $995. Higher education server licenses start at $1,495. For more information, visit or call 866-725-7833

About GenevaLogic

GenevaLogic ( has one passion: enabling educators to manage, control and optimize the use of technology to support teaching and learning. Founded in 1996, with headquarters in Langenthal, Switzerland, and Portland, Ore., the privately held company is an international leader in active teaching systems whose Vision classroom management software is used in more than 50,000 classrooms worldwide. The company’s education software solutions – Vision, App-Control™, Surf-Lock, Pointer™, Plan-It™, Protect-On™, Print-Limit™ and Print-Limit Pro™ – allow schools, universities and training centers to get more learning value from their technology investments. For more information, visit



Pearson Assessments Launches iNSIGHT 150 Scanner

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. – Sept. 19, 2006 – Pearson Assessments announced today the launch of the iNSIGHT™ 150 line of scanners, which will allow schools, businesses and other organizations to capture data and images from forms more rapidly than ever before. The technologies used in the iNSIGHT 150 system help ensure the accuracy of scanned information with minimal effort.

We know that our customers need scanning solutions that are fast, accurate and competitively priced,” said John Harnett, president, Pearson Assessments. “With the iNSIGHT 150, they will be able to collect and manage large quantities of data with the confidence that the resulting scanned information is correct.”

The iNSIGHT 150 scans at a rate of 15,000 sheets per hour – 50 percent faster than previous scanners. It combines the ease of image scanning with the high accuracy of optical mark recognition (OMR). Using the iNSIGHT 150, structured responses to multiple choice questions or surveys are gathered at the same time as images of more free-form responses, such as short hand-written answers.

The iNSIGHT 150 scanner includes two built-in read modes: one for reading pencil marks and one for reading marks made with blue or black ink. The system interprets OMR, hand and machine printed characters, bar code, mark sense and binary coded numbers. For example, student ID numbers or Social Security numbers can be pre-printed on data collection forms, reducing errors and saving data entry time.

This high volume scanner ties images to OMR data records, creating files that can be archived and retrieved later for review or evaluation. Student work such as essays can be routed to teachers or to other reviewers for evaluation.

For more information about the iNSIGHT 150, visit or call 800-447-3269.

About Pearson Assessments

Pearson Assessments provides assessment instruments and data capture tools and technologies for use in education, business and health care settings. Backed by a half century of knowledge and expertise, Pearson Assessments – integrating Pearson NCS and the assessment division of AGS Publishing with the original Pearson Assessments business – offers products and services to deliver the accurate, reliable and usable information that professionals seek. Pearson Assessments is a business of Pearson Education, the world’s largest integrated education company, which in turn is part of Pearson (NYSE: PSO), the international media company. Pearson’s other primary operations include the Financial Times Group and the Penguin Group.



Cartridge World Celebrates Local Teachers

Emeryville, CA–Back-to-school brings mixed emotions to most school children–end of summer blues combined with the anticipation and excitement of reuniting with old friends and making new ones. However, for many K-12 teachers, it’s also a harsh reminder that a lack of school funds often makes it necessary for them to foot the bill for classroom supplies.

For teachers worried about “breaking the bank” this school season, Cartridge World, the world’s fastest growing ink and toner cartridge refilling retailer, is giving back to local schools and teachers with special discounts and fundraising options. The company specializes in refilling inkjet cartridges and remanufacturing laser printer cartridges for a fraction of the cost of buying new ones.

“We want to help teachers and schools in as many ways we can,” said Burt Yarkin, CEO of Cartridge World North America. “Not only do we help K-12 teachers, students, and families reduce the cost of printer supplies, but we also have fundraising programs through our Recycle Rewards and Refill Rewards programs.”

To demonstrate their commitment to local K-12 schools, Cartridge World offers a variety of discount and fundraising programs for schools:

*Teacher Appreciation Week–September 18, 2006 kicks off a week-long discount for K-12 teachers. Educators presenting ID at participating Cartridge World stores will receive a 33 percent discount on Cartridge World’s already low cost inkjet cartridge refills. This is a great chance to stock up on extra supplies!

*10 Percent Year-Round Educator Discount–In addition to Teacher Appreciation Week, Cartridge World offers an ongoing 10 percent discount on inkjet and laser cartridge refills for K-12 teachers, faculty, and staff.

*Recycle Rewards– A fundraising program for K-12 schools that invites students to drop off their empty inkjet and laser cartridges at school. Cartridge World will buy back those cartridges to ensure each one is recycled properly.

Fundraising with Cartridge World is as easy as 1-2-3!

Get the students involved! It’s a well known fact that many students and teachers use printers in their homes. When they run out of ink, most people throw empty cartridges away and run to the nearest tech store to purchase new ones. The Cartridge World Recycling Program encourages students to participate by bringing their empty cartridges to school. Participation directly benefits students and schools, while helping the environment at the same time. Try designating a student from each grade to be in charge of collecting as many cartridges as possible or even a competition between grade levels!

1. Cartridge World will provide collection bins for the used cartridges to be collected at schools. When ready, call the local Cartridge World store and they will come pick-up the cartridges free of charge!

2. Collect money! Cartridge World will pay schools money for every cartridge collected. This on-going fundraising program allows students to continuously raise funds for their classes, sports teams, and club group throughout the year.

*Refill Rewards– In addition to bringing empty cartridges to school, parents can bring cartridges into any participating Cartridge World store, have them refilled, and still earn money for their school of choice!

“Giving back to the community is important to Cartridge World,” said Burt Yarkin, CEO of Cartridge World. “These teacher discounts and recycling programs are a way of showing that we care.”

Customers can bring their empty name-brand ink and toner cartridges to Cartridge World locations and have them refilled. In most cases, customers can purchase the same cartridge model already refilled, or wait for the work to be completed in-store. The refill process is quick and offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee on quality. At the same time, it offers teachers, students, and families up to a 50 percent savings. Refilling empty cartridges also benefits the environment by keeping used cartridges out of landfills.

About Cartridge World

Cartridge World, founded in Australia in 1997, is the world’s fastest growing ink refill franchise retailer in the $80 billion printer cartridge industry. The company refills empty ink cartridges for inkjet printers, laser printers, fax machines, and photocopiers with top quality inks and toners. Businesses and consumers save up to 50 percent versus purchasing new brand-name cartridges, receive a 100 percent money back service guarantee, and help protect the environment by keeping used cartridges out of landfills. There are currently more than 440 locations open in the United States, with 600 locations expected by the end of 2006. For more information: call (888) 99-REFILL or visit



CDW to Acquire Leading IT Solutions Provider Berbee Information Networks Corporation

*Berbee provides a scalable platform for CDW to grow its solutions and services capabilities

*Transaction is consistent with CDW’s strategies to expand its customer base, capture a greater share of its customers’ IT spending and increase its addressable market

*Accretive impact to EPS in 2007

VERNON HILLS, Ill.–September 18, 2006–CDW Corporation (NASDAQ:CDWC), a leading provider of technology products and services to business, government and education, today announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire privately-held Berbee Information Networks Corporation (“Berbee”), one of the nation’s largest independent IT solution providers, for approximately $175 million in cash. This acquisition will enhance CDW’s offerings of advanced technology products and services to address customers’ more complex business requirements. In addition, the acquisition is consistent with CDW’s strategies to expand its customer base, capture a greater share of its customers’ IT spending and increase its addressable market. CDW expects the transaction to be accretive to 2007 earnings by approximately $0.05 per diluted share. The acquisition is expected to close by the end of October, subject to certain customary closing conditions including Hart-Scott-Rodino regulatory clearance.

“Our customers’ IT challenges are increasingly complex–customers want easy access to technology solutions,” said John A. Edwardson, CDW chairman and chief executive officer. “We are committed to being the best-in-class, single source for both core technology needs–and now with this acquisition, more advanced IT services and solutions.”

Berbee has an established track record of growth and profitability through the delivery of category-leading services and IT products primarily across the Cisco, IBM and Microsoft platforms. Founded in 1993, Berbee is a proven partner to a broad spectrum of customers including corporate, healthcare, education and state and local governments. Berbee provides world-class solutions and engineering capabilities in advanced technologies. Areas of expertise include network infrastructure and unified communications, systems and storage, security, productivity applications and managed services. Berbee is a national gold certified partner with Cisco, a premier business partner with IBM authorized to sell all IBM server and storage lines and has six Microsoft gold certifications. Berbee received recognition as Cisco’s U.S. IP Communications Partner of the Year in 2005, an IBM Beacon Award for Best IBM iSeries On Demand Solution in 2006 and Microsoft Central Region Partner of the Year in 2006.

For the trailing 12 months ended July 31, 2006, Berbee’s revenue was $390 million and earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization was $22 million. Berbee has consistently grown revenue at strong double-digit rates for the past five years. CDW’s objective is to double Berbee’s revenue in five years on an organic basis. As part of the transaction, Berbee’s top three executive officers, including Chief Executive Officer Paul S. Shain, have agreed to remain with and lead the business. Berbee will operate as a separate strategic business unit of CDW with its current product and service offerings, management team, staffing, operations and locations. Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Berbee has 11 offices and two data centers in six Midwestern states and employs approximately 800 people. “CDW and Berbee have a strong common bond – we are both industry leaders that focus on empowering coworkers and providing a superior experience for our customers. We are confident that our shared cultural values will enable our two organizations to succeed together,” said Edwardson.

While CDW and Berbee’s business models are different, they are highly complementary. CDW is focused on a diverse product selection from a wide variety of vendors, rapid order fulfillment and value added services “around the box.” The sales model is primarily inside based with dedicated account managers serving customers supported by technical specialists and field teams. In comparison, Berbee incorporates both product and service sales by offering advanced IT solutions from three primary partners, Cisco, IBM and Microsoft. Services are provided by a team of more than 300 billable engineers working at customer locations. Berbee’s sales model is primarily a field sales force working out of 11 branch offices.

“For CDW, this strategic transaction supports our vision of becoming the world’s biggest and best direct technology provider. Berbee’s proven ability to grow organically, make accretive acquisitions and develop scalable business processes offer us additional growth opportunities,” said Edwardson.

The acquisition is consistent with several CDW growth strategies, including:

*Expand the customer base: Approximately two-thirds of Berbee’s customers are currently not CDW customers. The companies’ complementary offerings will create significant cross-selling opportunities.

*Capture a greater share of customers’ IT spending: The acquisition will accelerate CDW’s solutions capabilities.

*Increase the addressable market: The transaction will expand CDW’s portfolio to include higher-end products and services.

“Initially, CDW customers in Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio will benefit from gaining access to one of the nation’s finest IT engineering teams,” said Edwardson. “In addition to the near-term advantages of this transaction, we are also excited about the opportunities to scale Berbee’s business processes and methodology into geographic regions beyond the Midwest. Our financial, customer and organizational resources support this platform for future growth.”

Berbee Chairman and Founder James G. Berbee said, “It’s very gratifying to know that as Berbee moves onto an increasingly national stage it will have a premier industry partner with the resources, cultural values and commitment to support its growth as a leading national solutions provider. I want to thank the Berbee staff members for their dedication and hard work in consistently exceeding our customers’ expectations, building the premier IT solutions provider in the nation and making this Combination possible. They have a bright future with CDW.”

Berbee Chief Executive Officer Paul S. Shain said, “Today marks an important milestone for both Berbee and CDW. Industry consolidation will increasingly reshape the solutions provider marketplace. Once again, we’re leading rather than following key changes in the industry, just as CDW has done many times before. We’re fortunate to be able to partner with an industry leader that is financially strong and shares our commitment to advanced technology, extraordinary customer service and similar cultural values. We’re confident that CDW is the right partner for the Berbee team.”

CDW will host a conference call today, September 18, 2006 at 8:30 a.m. ET / 7:30 a.m. CT to discuss this acquisition. The call-in number is 1-800-685-9697 (or 847-619-6797) and the confirmation number is 15761279. A replay will be accessible by telephone through October 6, 2006 by dialing 1-888-843-8996 (or 630-652-3044), and the confirmation number is 15761279. The replay will be available 24 hours/day, including weekends.

Berbee was advised on the transaction by Piper Jaffray & Co.

Forward Looking Statement

Any forward-looking statements contained in this release are based on the Company’s beliefs and expectations as of the date of this release and are subject to certain risks and uncertainties, including with respect to the completion of the transaction, which may have a significant impact on the Company’s business, operating results or financial condition. Should any risk or uncertainty materialize, or should underlying assumptions prove incorrect, actual results or outcomes may vary materially from those described in forward-looking statements. Factors affecting the Company’s business and prospects are discussed in the Company’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

About Berbee Information Networks Corporation

Berbee Information Networks Corporation is one of the nation’s largest independent providers of IT solutions to a broad spectrum of clients. More than half of the company’s revenue is generated from enterprise class customers that include some of the nation’s best known corporations. Berbee’s areas of expertise include network infrastructure and unified communications, systems and storage, security, productivity applications and managed services. Known for its world-class engineering and proven service excellence in advanced IT technologies, Berbee has achieved high levels of certification concurrently with its key vendor partners. Berbee is a national gold certified partner with Cisco, a premier business partner with IBM authorized to sell all IBM server and storage lines and has six Microsoft gold certifications.

Founded in 1993 by Jim Berbee, a former IBM systems engineer, the company was formed to provide a high level of services to clients in need of networking and mid-range server technologies and, in the ensuing 13 years, has grown to become a leading IT solutions provider in the Midwest including Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio.

About CDW

CDW®, ranked No. 343 on the FORTUNE 500, is a leading provider of technology solutions for business, government and education. CDW is a principal source of technology products and services including top name brands such as Acer, Adobe, Apple, Cisco, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Microsoft, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Symantec, Toshiba and ViewSonic.

CDW was founded in 1984 and employs approximately 4,450 coworkers. In 2005, the company generated sales of $6.3 billion. CDW’s direct model offers one-on-one relationships with knowledgeable account managers; purchasing by telephone, fax, the company’s award-winning web site, customized CDW@work” extranets, web site and web site; custom configured solutions and same day shipping; and pre- and post-sales technical support, with approximately 120 factory-trained and A+ certified technicians on staff.



Canon’s REALiS SX50 Multimedia Projectors Provide Detail, Clarity, Brightness, and Portability for TLC Engineering for Architecture

In the world of engineering diagrams, a line is much more than just a line. It can be a wall, a ceiling, a circuit, or an indication of any number of other important details. Displaying the fine lines of AutoCAD drawings with a video projector requires precision and clarity. For the Orlando-based consulting engineering firm TLC Engineering for Architecture, this means using the Canon REALiS SX50 Multimedia Projector, which outputs high-resolution SXGA+ image quality at a contrast ratio of 1000:1 and a brightness of 2,500 ANSI Lumens. Employing a unique design that combines Canon’s patented AISYS (Aspectual Illumination System) optical engine with next-generation LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) imaging panels, the REALiS SX50 projector provides crisp display of computer graphics, spreadsheets, text, digital still photos, and full-motion high- or standard-definition video. The REALiS SX50 projector also features a high-performance Canon 1.7x Ultra-Wide Angle Lens that can project a 100-inch image from a distance of just 9.8 feet.

“We provide our own in-house training, and needed a lightweight projector for our conference rooms that could display AutoCAD images at very high resolution to reduce jagged lines,” explains Tom Munson, Division Director of TLC’s Communications and Technology Division. “I fell in love with the REALiS SX50 projector when I first saw it. We purchased five of them for our new headquarters and branch offices.”

Visual Details

TLC’s training program is known as TLC University, which teaches new employees about the highly specialized AutoCAD techniques the company has developed on top of standard AutoCAD software. Instructors teach the new employees the nuances of AutoCAD as well as various other essential software programs.

“We needed to make sure the projector could render very specific colors and line weights in AutoCAD so that they stand out the way we wanted them represented and match our computer monitors’ output,” Munson explains. “With some of the other projectors we’ve used, the native resolution just wasn’t there to capture the actual quality of the lines. Our research criteria also demanded a projector that provided enough punch that it wasn’t drowned out by task lighting. The REALiS SX50 projector not only meets our internal needs, its performance has convinced me to specify this line on several design projects.”

AISYS Advantages

“I haven’t been real happy with other products that have spinning color wheels or screen-door effects,” Munson continues. “We’ve got students in there for maybe a full eight hours watching a projected image, and when you use a color wheel, you can actually get a headache after a while. But with LCoS, you eliminate the flickering, the rainbow effect, and the screen door effect–all of the negative sides you see with some of the other projector technologies.”

Canon’s patented AISYS optical engine maximizes the imaging advantages of LCoS technology, while achieving both the high brightness of 2,500 ANSI Lumens and contrast ratio of 1000:1, while also reducing projector size. At 8.6 lbs., the REALiS SX50 projector is the smallest, lightest SXGA+ (1400 x 1050 resolution) LCoS projector in the world.

“When you fly, you want to be able to take it on the plane with you. The REALiS lends itself very well to travel. It also has very intuitive connections, and has no trouble connecting to a computer and starting up right away. The projector also has a DVI connection so that you can take advantage of HD presentation when you’re ready. We project our PowerPoint presentations and our video presentations for potential clients to hire us as their engineering firm, and sometimes they’re spending more time talking about our projector than they are talking about our presentation!”

Features and Performance

The REALiS SX50 projector is designed for classrooms, boardrooms, and all other mission-critical professional environments that demand crisp, precise image-projection quality. One of four Multimedia Projectors in Canon’s REALiS line, the REALiS SX50 features multiple Image Modes that provide a wide range of display settings, depending on user needs. These Image Modes include four Color-Preset Modes, which are designated as Standard, Presentation, sRGB, and Cinema. Additional Image Modes include: Dynamic Gamma Correction for optimum contrast balance; Six-Axis Color Adjustment to fine-tune tone and contrast adjustments on both RGB and CMY color axes; a Greenboard Mode to adjust colors for optimal display on green chalkboards; and Memory Color Correction for photo display of colors based on subjective human recollection.

The REALiS SX50 projector also includes multiple input jacks and connectors, and can accept a wide variety of digital and analog computer display formats. In addition to DVI video, inputs include all major component, composite, and S-video inputs. All connectors attach from the side of the projector housing for convenient cable placement.

Munson sees the REALiS SX50 projector as playing a vital role in his business. “We’re going to start doing video conferencing to our remote offices for training, rather than flying our staff in and out of Orlando. As we move forward with that, it is vital that we have a good, clear, bright image that our Orlando training group can use to push information to our remote offices. We’ve also bought SX50 projectors for the remote offices, so that they too can have a high quality projector that they’d use not only for training, but to take along on presentations to try and win projects. The one thing we ask when trying any new product is always Is this really a product that we would want to stake our name on?’ The REALiS SX50 projector was a great find for us, and its performance has not disappointed.”



School of the Future Wins Its First Design Award

HOPEWELL, N.J., Sept. 15, 2006 — After three years of planning with Microsoft and the School District of Philadelphia, The Prisco Group-designed “School of the Future” has won its first international award for an engaging, modern environment on a standard urban public-school budget. The Prisco Group, an architectural and engineering firm in Hopewell, NJ, was awarded the “Recognized Value” award for the “design in progress” as part of DesignShare/School Construction News’ sixth annual awards program, “Models for the 21st Century.”

The school, which opened its doors on September 7, 2006, resides on seven acres in West Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park and is aesthetically pleasing, technologically advanced, environmentally friendly and replicable throughout the world on a traditional budget. The project was identified as having “recognized value” in the ongoing dialogue about the design of more effective learning environments.

The School of the Future is an opportunity to rethink traditional educational facilities to meet the current and future needs of all learners. Integrating technology, curriculum, and sustainable design elements allows learners to use the building and all of its features as “built-in” teaching tools. Through support of The Delaware Valley Green Building Council, the State of Pennsylvania Sustainable Development Fund and the City of Philadelphia Water Department (PWD), many of the high-performance features received grants.

Scott V. Prisco, AIA, NCARB, PP, LEED ap, the Principal of The Prisco Group, stated, “Designing and building an energy-efficient building does not have to be costly. Benefits such as increased durability, less maintenance, and energy savings are a direct result of Sustainable Design.”

The essential element of award-winning school facility design is balance among a school’s educational philosophy, curriculum vision, technology needs and the community. Driven by new educational concepts, the architectural design creates an internal communication core – in a sense a school “street,” with direct access to “adaptive functional modules” designed to be replicated elsewhere. The facility also provides open community access to ground-level modules – the performing arts area, physical education center and interactive learning center.

The building will create a healthy and productive learning environment – while potentially saving the School District of Philadelphia operational dollars – and become a living textbook as students monitor and analyze building systems as part of their learning process.

The School District of Philadelphia, The Philadelphia School Improvement Team and Microsoft team picked The Prisco Group to design the 800-student, 162,000-sq.-ft. school in March 2004. Regarding the selection of The Prisco Group as the designer of The School of the Future, Mary Cullinane wrote in her March 27, 2004 blog entry (, “At the end of the day, I believe passion won.” Ms. Cullinane heads Microsoft’s U.S. Partners in Learning program and is the school’s “technology architect.”

Details of the curriculum and features of the school are available at and at