Riverdeep to Provide Math and Reading Software to Underserved Children

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. and NEW YORK, NY, September 29, 2006–Riverdeep, the leading provider of interactive products focusing on education, today announced it is donating 3,000 copies of math and reading software to help underserved children succeed in school by giving them access to engaging learning tools they can use at home. The donation, valued at $200,000, is being made through Computers for Youth (CFY), a national non-profit organization committed to closing the learning gap between low-income students and their more affluent peers by improving their learning environment at home.

CFY offers sixth grade students a computer designed to be used as a family learning center, complete with award-winning educational software, tailored web content, on-going technical support and one year of Internet access. Riverdeep’s math and reading software will be loaded onto the computers and distributed to families through school systems in New York and Philadelphia. “Partnering with CFY and extending Riverdeep’s educational reach directly into households also extends our vision of a greater home  school connection,” says Gail Elizabeth Pierson, Riverdeep’s chief education officer. “We are pleased to provide underserved children with access to educational tools that will help reinforce what they are learning in the classroom and help them succeed in school.”

Riverdeep’s educational products are clearly a favorite among the students who received CFY’s computer-based home learning center in 2005-06. Students reported that, of all the learning software on the computer, Riverdeep’s Mighty Math® “Galactic Math” was the program that helped them the most in school. More than half said they used the program at least once a week and, of these students, 82 percent said that having a home computer helped them do better in math. About one-third of the students reported that it helped them do “a lot” better in math. “Partnering with Riverdeep integrates perfectly with CFY’s mission of using technology to improve a child’s learning environment at home,” said Elisabeth Stock, president and co-founder of CFY. “When you consider that only 13 percent of children’s waking hours are spent in the classroom, it’s vital that they have quality learning resources at home.”

Riverdeep, the largest publisher of digital education content for both school and home, has donated learning software through CFY for the last several years. “Riverdeep understands and recognizes what an important impact CFY has made in children’s lives by improving their learning environment at home,” adds Pierson. “Growing our partnership directly benefits those who need it the most.” About Riverdeep

Riverdeep Inc., A Limited Liability Company, with offices in San Francisco, California, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Dublin (Ireland) and Manchester (United Kingdom) is a leading publisher of interactive products focusing on education and personal productivity for the consumer and school markets. Riverdeep’s rich portfolio of interactive award-winning products feature such well-known brands as the Destination Success® solution, which includes Destination Math® and Destination Reading®; The Print Shop®; Reader Rabbit® and Kid Pix®. For more information, call toll free 888-242-6747 or visit www.riverdeep.net. About Computers for Youth

CFY’s mission is to close the learning gap between low-income children and their more affluent peers by improving their learning environment at home. CFY partners with public middle schools in low-income communities and offers all sixth grade families a home computer designed by CFY to be used as a family learning center complete with educational software, tailored web content, and initial Internet access. Every participating family attends an interactive, half-day training, and then receives ongoing technical support. CFY also works at the school level, coordinating parent workshops and training teachers how to use home technology to improve student performance. CFY’s comprehensive program supports parents as learning partners, opens educational opportunities, and connects classroom learning with the home. For more information on Computers for Youth, visit www.cfy.org


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