Austin, TX, Oct. 4 2006–The Houston Independent School District will virtually eliminate textbook shortages, textbook losses and improve utilization of the existing $80 million inventory in the nation’s 7th largest public school district with the purchase of TIPWeb, Hayes Software Systems’ real-time, web-based textbook inventory management system.

Announcing the recent sale, Hayes Software President and CEO Michael Hayes said, “TIPWeb is a critical communication tool for the district warehouse and school administrative levels, the system will help HISD reduce its textbook losses, reduce avoidable textbook purchases, and better plan for yearly instructional material budget needs.”

HISD purchased the district-wide textbook management system for more efficient communication and oversight of their 1.7 million textbooks. TIPWeb also gives district and campus administrators the necessary tools to reduce preventable losses and improve efficiency, including clearly seeing when a school has a shortage of textbooks that can be fulfilled by excess inventory from other schools.

Currently, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of textbooks are lost each year within the Houston Independent School District. The TIPWeb system includes bar code labels for each textbook, so that when lost textbooks are found they can be returned or credited to the proper students. This is expected to reduce textbook losses and replacement expenditures.

HISD is implementing the TIPWeb software at its textbook warehouse and a small number of schools this fall and will expand TIPWeb use to all its 300 campuses, serving 210,000 students, in 2007. In added benefits and savings, TIPWeb will increase teacher, student and parent accountability for Texas state-owned instructional materials. The TIPWeb software will also dramatically reduce the amount of labor hours required by campus and district staff.

In addition, at a time of high gas prices, TIPWeb will reduce the number of textbook deliveries needed, saving taxpayers money on fuel costs.

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