PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 4, 2006 — Is it time to bid adieu to classroom learning? With Education Process Outsourcing (EPO) emerging as the latest concept in communications technology,, a high-end E-tutoring service provider, has come up with an alternative way to provide personalized and affordable tutoring to school students.

Launched six months ago, the company leverages the internet and expertise in knowledge outsourcing to deliver convenient, personalized, and affordable lessons in Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and English to students from 3rd to 12th grade.

“At LearnMatics, our goal is to bring each student to their desired academic level as quickly and effectively as possible,” says Thomas Philip, President and Co-Founder of the company. “We’re committed to helping students succeed while making learning fun.”

Besides its state-of-the-art-technology, LearnMatics boasts of a team of qualified and experienced tutors who provide guidance to school students via cyber-space. The company focuses on two types of students — those that need homework help and those who require tutoring on a regular basis to keep pace with their curriculum. LearnMatics also offers tutorials for SAT preparations as well as AP courses and has plans to set up demos at schools to demonstrate the value of E-tutoring to parents.

“It’s clear that our online model is very effective,” Brown Varghese, Business Analyst with the company said. The program model includes two-way audio conferencing, text chat, and whiteboard. The tutor and the student talk using microphone and audio system while sharing the whiteboard while students and parents maintain uninterrupted access to a personalized homepage.

Most impressive is that LearnMatics offers this service at $100 for a full 8 hours of tutoring per month; most American tutors — whether in-person or web-based — charge anywhere between $45 an hour to $100 an hour. While there is a one-time initial registration fee of $100 to cover the cost of electronic equipment, there are many flexible packages students can pick from that can bring down the overall hourly rate.

About the company: LearnMatics is a leading supplemental education service provider headquartered in Blue Bell, PA. The company offers live one-on-one tutoring in various academic subjects, including Math, Science, and English, to students from third through twelfth grade as well as preparation for SAT, ACT, PSAT, and AP exams. For more details visit


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