Dallas, TX – September 25, 2006 – LearnStar, Inc., an innovative provider of multi-platform, standards-based education software for grades kindergarten through twelfth, announces the market release of its new version, SmartTRAX.

The SmartTRAX Program (Teaching, Reviewing and Assessing Across the Curriculum) provides educators with a valuable tool to distinctively introduce, instruct and assess specific state standards-based content and analyze student progress on an individual or whole-class basis. The interactive curriculum includes thousands of question items across all grades and subjects for use in LearnStar’s uniquely exciting and effective race-to-the-finish style challenges. Going beyond electronic hand-raising, this competitive learning method has been proven to significantly improve test performance when integrated in to the regular instructional process.

SmartTRAX software can be implemented on a wide combination of wired and wireless platforms, including Windows or Macintosh portables and desktops, Pocket PC, Palm OS, AND proprietary response systems, such as LearnStar’s v900 keypad response system and the Renaissance Respondertm. The continued introduction of portable student computing devices, such as the Nova5000tm from Fourier with integrated WiFi and a Windows CE platform, adds to the reach SmartTRAX will have in the classroom and the ways schools can extend their technology investments.

New activities and features include student and teacher-paced activities for more summative quizzing and assessment, and a dynamic survey tool which will allow teachers to incorporate questions, answers and student feedback on the spot. An enhanced rich-text Editor includes multimedia controls for advanced question development and graphic drawing capabilities to create shapes and images directly into a preview.

As part of the market launch, LearnStar will be offering 30-day, 30-student trial versions of the SmartTRAX program for teachers, administrators and students to evaluate in their classrooms and schools. Trial versions allow for the evaluator to see all available content for their campus level (Elementary, Middle or High School) and to run fun interactive activities with their students. Evaluators can also view state-standard alignment tables and student performance reports, and create their own activities.

“We have always had the most compelling and engaging activity from the student perspective,” says LearnStar President David Camp. “SmartTRAX not only continues and extends that component of our solution, but now better addresses the needs of teachers and administrators to make quality data-driven decisions as they strive to meet and exceed AYP.”

LearnStar first announced the impending release of SmartTRAX in the spring of 2006 and presented a beta version of the SmartTRAX program at NECC 2006 in San Diego, June 28-30th.

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LearnStar is a K-12 education technology company providing interactive software solutions to enhance learning and provide instant assessment. LearnStar’s technology platform is independent and can be implemented on a school’s existing technology. LearnStar is currently being used in hundreds of schools nationwide and has a proven track record for increasing standardized test scores, improving knowledge retention and motivating students. LearnStar makes learning fun! For more information visit LearnStar online at www.learnstar.com.


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