NEW YORK (Oct. 4, 2006) – Many education experts agree schools need to create a link between activities that students seek outside of school and the concepts that they must learn in school. Today, Pokémon USA, Inc. launches Pokémon Learning League,, providing educators with instant access to engaging curriculum lessons that they can use in their classrooms. The new web-based educational product from Pokémon USA offers educators a way to embrace students’ enthusiasm for animation and interactive technology while motivating them to learn academic concepts and problem-solving skills.

Pokémon Learning League is a web-based educational suite of animated, interactive lessons in language arts, math, science, and life skills for grades 3-6. The online program is available to educators and students, as well as families, for a free trial through Dec. 31, 2006.

In today’s rapidly changing, technology-driven world, math and science knowledge is seen as a critical factor to American students’ success. In 2005, only 29 percent of fourth-grade students scored at or above the “proficient” level in science on the National Assessment of Educational Progress, and only 36 percent of fourth-grade students scored at or above “proficient” in math. “Educators are under increasing pressure to boost student achievement in math and science to enable them to meet the challenges of a competitive global economy,” says Yves Saada, vice president of interactive media for Pokémon USA. “Pokémon Learning League offers a unique solution for educators to engage and motivate their students in math, science, and other core subject areas.”

Stephanie Pawlik, a fifth-grade teacher at Greenport Elementary School in Greenport, N.Y., witnessed this interaction first-hand as a participating teacher in the product’s pilot study. “Because the curriculum lessons are based on current research and aligned with state and national standards, I was able to use Pokémon Learning League to reinforce concepts I was teaching in the classroom.” She continues, “My students were more willing to get involved in the lessons since the characters were familiar to them and the story lines were engaging.” Appealing animation and interactive challenges help students visualize and understand concepts. As students proceed at their own pace through the curriculum lessons, they receive ongoing feedback that allows them to monitor and celebrate their progress.

“Because of its simple, well-designed format and the fact that the program is web-based, it is easy to implement in a classroom or computer lab, and teacher training is not required,” says Bill Burrall, coordinator of instructionaltechnology for Marshall County Schools in West Virginia and a member of the Pokémon Learning League advisory board. “With today’s emphasis on 21st century skills, teachers can utilize this interactive learning environment to address those skills as well as support and supplement existing lessons and content delivery.”

Pokémon Learning League leverages students’ familiarity with Pokémon characters to draw them into subject matter that is crucial to their success in school and in life. The characters also serve as mentors to students, guiding them through the lessons and demonstrating life skills such as teamwork and perseverance.

Four new characters–Ada, Siara, Lex, and Quinn–were created exclusively for Pokémon Learning League as mission guides to help students explore and understand concepts. These diverse, young adult characters, who reside in the “Learning League Lab,” reflect positive attitudes and introduce topics in a relatable, conversational manner.

In January 2007, Pokémon Learning League will be available through a paid yearly subscription of $145.00 per classroom and $995.00 per school building (district and home pricing is also available). Because Pokémon Learning League is web-based, it’s PC and Mac compatible and the only requirement is a Flash player.

A report detailing the research basis for Pokémon Learning League is available to view and download in the About Us section at

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