HERNDON, Va., Oct. 4, 2006–“My son went from getting F’s on every single spelling test – MAYBE getting three to five words right – to getting 100%, or at most three words wrong!” said Karyn Woodruff of Marysville, California.

WizardsSpell, a friendly web-based spelling tool at http://www.WizardsSpell.com, makes spelling easy and fun for all students, including those students with learning disabilities and adults with literacy issues. “Addressing spelling difficulties is very important in helping students master reading and writing skills,” said Joanne Wood, special education teacher and advisor to WizardsSpell.

WizardsSpell combines sound, visual and tactile cues to facilitate memorization of words. Students hear the words, see the words, type the words all at the same time. The more senses that are involved in word memorization, the easier it is to learn to spell. These sound and visual cues can be adjusted to best suit the student’s learning style.

In its latest release, WizardsSpell has added online testing, tips for homophones, and improved list and assignment management. WizardsSpell allows parents and teachers to assign, create and share lists from a library of more than 20,000 words. The website’s library covers grade-level spelling lists, frequently used and misspelled words, and advanced word lists for spelling bee prep.

WizardsSpell was conceived as a tool to help children, but it is also helping many others, including stroke victims who need to re-imprint words in memory, adults who have never learned to read, and English as a second language students. The tool has helped subscribers around the world, in locations as diverse as Shanghai, Singapore, Finland, and Spain.

“Playful, simple and satisfying is what we aim for to motivate children and adults to learn to spell,” said Melanie Gann, WizardsSpell founder and creator, who invented WizardsSpell to help her daughter. “It is rewarding to find that WizardsSpell is helping all kinds of users build confidence along with the life skills of reading and writing.”

WizardsSpell is a product of WizardsWare, LLC. Formed in 2005, the company builds web-based learning products that make kids smarter and homework fun. WizardsSpell is an affordable spelling coach for families, teachers, schools and school systems.

Contact Melanie Gann at 703.742.8404 or mgann@wizardsware.comfor more information.


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